▷ Creative moodboards: from classic vision to creative perception 2020 -

By teaming up with creative agencies, Getty Images visual communication experts revisit the moodboard according to their perception by following the visual market trends. Objectives, results… We tell you everything about this new creative project!

Trends inspire image

Reinventing the meaning of words to see more creative, it’s possible! As these moodboards by show iStock & Pug, the two images define the same word, and yet do not have the same meaning. The “conventional” meaning is represented on the left, the classic image that we imagine by reflex when we hear the word “podcast”. On the right side, the image is further from the classical sense, and yet we understand it in the same way. It is the creative image.

Training & Co'm

Shake up the codes by the image

We use about 500 words in everyday life. If we use so few words, it’s because most of them have several meanings. But do we know all the meanings of each word? Thanks to the analysis of keywords most used in searches on Getty and iStock sites, visual experts create their moodboards based on these trending words, and push their image search to bring out the images the most more unexpected. The brand breaks the codes by inspecting all the shortcomings of a word in order to represent it in the most creative and inspirational way possible.

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