▷ CRM, the ideal tool for developing your business 2020 -

Your business interacts with customers and prospects every day. This generates large volumes of information-rich data. But this data is often scattered on different media and in several services. Bringing them together is complicated, especially since part of it is lost in the process, which does not allow them to be cross-checked in order to obtain key information. This is where CRM comes in …

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution consists in automating and optimizing the monitoring of all communications with customers and prospects: it centralizes the complete history of your interactions with them, from first contacts to sales contracts , including contact information, preferences and all relevant information. Everything is recorded and updated in real time:

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  • Marketing actions;
  • Sales management ;
  • After-sales service management…

With a CRM system, each of your company’s departments can thus access a complete view of each existing file. CRM is a practical tool, and even essential, to better manage relationships with your customers and boost your productivity.

The benefits of CRM for your business

CRM is not just a simple marketing tool, its benefits are numerous and considerable, whatever your sector of activity.

Thanks to a CRM solution, new leads are easily identified. You have access to all the data necessary to personalize the contact and provide quick responses. The large amount of data collected allows salespeople to know which targets to focus on and how to approach them effectively. You multiply your opportunities to increase your direct, cross and additional sales.

Your way of responding to customer needs is also optimized: the information collected gives you a complete and immediate vision of each situation. You improve your service and your customer relationship. This results in a higher satisfaction rate, with the key to customer loyalty and more sales.

A CRM solution can collect data from a variety of sources, both internally and externally. You can analyze precisely how customers and prospects judge your business and your services. You have a clear vision of your strengths and weaknesses, then it is up to you to learn from them to further develop the satisfactory elements, anticipate the problems and resolve the points of dissatisfaction.

CRM solutions are becoming more and more dematerialized. If previously it required the installation of software on all the computers of a company, today many CRM software are offered in SaaS. This means that there is no more installation to perform, the CRM tool can be accessed directly online from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Databases can be updated and accessed anytime and from anywhere. It is a real advantage to synchronize the work of your different departments (telemarketing, sales, after-sales service …).

The dematerialization of CRM solutions brings with it other advantages: you no longer have to worry about having a sufficiently efficient computer system, nor to make sure that your employees make the required regular updates. If you have a problem with CRM, you also don’t have to pay a technician to fix it, and you only pay for the features you need, thereby further reducing costs.

With a CRM solution, your customer relationship is optimized from A to Z and your organization simplified. You improve the image of your business, you realize significant savings and you increase your sales.

CRM to prospect new customers

Teleprospection is an effective marketing technique for canvassing prospects.

CRM software of this type integrates your prospecting file: each telemarketer has direct access to prospects to contact. It can indicate in a few clicks all the relevant information, for example:

  • If he has not been able to establish contact, he may, as the case may be, schedule a call back, indicate that the telephone number is incorrect or out of service, etc. ;
  • If he has been able to establish contact, he will be able to specify, again as the case may be, whether the person is a decision-maker or not, interested or not, whether an appointment could have been made, etc.

Many tasks can be automated, such as automatic dialing, multiple simultaneous calls, or scheduled reminders. It’s a real time and efficiency saver.

If an appointment is set, your sales reps’ calendar is automatically updated. They have precious information on the prospect: degree of interest, whether he is a decision-maker or not, expressed brakes … The salesperson arrives perfectly prepared for the meetings, the opportunities to conclude a sale are increased.

On your side, you have an optimal follow-up of the progress of your campaign and its first results. You gain responsiveness and your business development is boosted.