▷ Customer review webinar in 2020: new techniques and trends to know 2020 -

The year 2020 is starting and it is an opportunity for many digital professionals to develop new strategies such as customer advice, which has remained a powerful lever for too long under exploited by many companies. Have you harnessed its full potential, or are you just showing stars on your landing pages? This webinar, hosted by Trustpilot, will detail all the latest trends, techniques and other tips that work around customer reviews. To register for the webinar, click here.


Customer testimonials: a powerful lever to boost your sales and conversions

Online consumers all have the same reflex in the purchasing phase: they learn from different sources, online magazines and magazines, and especially through testimonials from other consumers. A study indicates that 80% of consumers trust customer reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family or friends.

However, many companies, which have understood the issue around customer reviews, are content to simply collect testimonials without a real sales strategy. The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the latest trends in collecting feedback, managing negative opinions in particular, user experience and using this data in an effective marketing approach. Register now for the webinar to know more.

Don’t miss this “Customer Opinion Trends 2020” webinar on Wednesday 22/01 at 11am

During this educational webinar, accessible to all, you will discover:

  • Collecting opinions: tips & techniques to boost the number of opinions;
  • Customer relations: how to manage reviews on a daily basis?
  • The customer journey: 2020 best practices for building trust;
  • Marketing operations: opportunities for synergies between customer reviews and your acquisition and loyalty campaigns.

If you are not available on 22/01 at 11 a.m., you can still register to receive the replay on demand immediately after the webinar is broadcast.