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It’s a fact, customer reviews are an integral part of the buying process, and have a direct impact on companies’ turnover. In fact, 88% of consumers consult opinions when buying online (IFOP study). But e-merchants are not the only ones impacted, because 69% of French people say they consult opinions when they choose a professional such as a plumber, a craftsman, a gardener … (OpinionWay study). All of this is summed up in the marketing concept of “social proof”, Which is the main subject of the new guide to customer reviews published by Trustpilot.

What is social proof from a marketing point of view?

The principle of social proof, introduced by Robert Cialdini in his work “The psychology of persuasion“Published in 1984, is to say that if you see several people doing the same thing (buying a specific model, using the services of a specific company, traveling in the same hotel …), you will be more likely to repeat this action.

Let’s take a talking example that we all went through one day. You are traveling in a city that you do not know, and you find yourself facing two restaurant terraces: the one on the left is packed with customers, the one on the right has only a few people installed, of course you will be more inclined to direct you to the one on the left because the presence of all these customers reassures you about the quality of the products.

Customer reviews work the same way, and are the perfect social proof on the internet to convince your prospects. This comprehensive guide to customer reviews will show you how to operationalize the social proof approach in your marketing operations.

Customer reviews have the power to increase the performance of your marketing campaigns

More and more companies are starting to exploit customer opinions within their marketing campaigns, in digital (emailing, SEO / SEA referencing, display banners, social networks…) or in traditional marketing (catalogs, packaging, direct mail…) . The guide details good practices on this subject, lever by lever, with concrete, creative and original examples to improve performance.

To find out more, we invite you to download the customer reviews guide.

Customer reviews: 14 techniques to boost digital marketing thanks to social proof

Article written in collaboration with Trustpilot