Every entrepreneur dreams of being able to get free help from an expert on their project. Especially since we are talking about web marketing consulting where the trades are becoming more and more complex and where still (too) few experts have mastered these aspects (so try to recruit a good SEO consultant, you will see …).

The problem is that these trades are evolving at breakneck speed. In natural referencing alone, the profession has evolved enormously in the last 5 years and we no longer do quite the same profession in 2016 than in 2010. So, how to stay up to date and get help on sometimes sharp subjects without leaving crazy money there? I am talking mainly about startups, freelancers and very small businesses who cannot always afford web marketing consultants.

Update on solutions to get personalized advice in web marketing without breaking the bank.

Finding # 1: not always need a full service

This is the observation I make when I interview freelancers and startups. They do not always need to call on providers for global web marketing or SEO services. What interests them is above all to win time.

They are faced with a very specific problem which of course requires the response of an expert on the subject, but not necessarily 6-month support, at € xxx a day, and where we will have to commit to a minimum. But what is there in this niche? There is the good old forum that continues to resist the age of social media (who believed in his death ?!). There are very few good webmarketing forums, however, and it will be difficult for you to find someone available and of quality to study your problem for several tens of minutes.

Another solution is articles and white papers. But in this case, not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff … There are indeed hundreds of blogs on the subject, some promising mountains and wonders and weekly income to make more than one pale. However, keep in mind that one article or one white paper isn’t everything. Some guides are closer to the raw list of tips and tools than the real practical guide that will allow you to properly tackle a subject, and nothing replaces the IRL advice of an expert on the subject who can determine priorities or adapt the advice to your problem.

Finding # 2: not a lot of resources or fear of investing right away

The question of means also arises. How to have access to someone qualified when you have few means ? Even if we have a small envelope on the subject, how to secure the investment and learn about the subject (and at the same time on an expert) to know where we set foot?

There too, few answers… Certain workshops or conferences will allow you for example to start well. We can notably mention Meetup.com, where anyone can create a group and offer to meet on a subject, free or not, to exchange freely. This is particularly the case for web marketing, with many groups dedicated to these themes (on email marketing, SEO or even social media). However, here too you will certainly have an improved presentation, but little time to discuss your project and your problem in depth with the expert. So not bad, but not enough…

What about a call with a web marketing expert on Avisi?

Avisi, this is the solution that goes up, which goes up … and which undoubtedly responds to many of the problems raised by entrepreneurs who are more numerous every day trying this type of service. For those who do not know Avisi, the principle is to put you in contact with a web marketing expert by phone, for a conversation without time limits, where you can explain your problem to the expert to get personalized advice from him .

Call on those who know

Imagine that you have a concern or questions about the deliverability of your emails; positioning on a keyword; the traffic acquisition strategy for your new product; the animation of your Twitter or Facebook accounts; or even on the configuration of your Google Analytics account. There is an Avisi expert for each subject. Experts are rigorously selected and rated by each client who can also leave a comment to give an idea of ​​the quality of the welcome and advice given by the expert.

avisi profile
Avisi expert profile

How does it actually work? Nothing could be simpler, go to the profile of one of the Avisi experts (above Julien, emailing expert) and if it suits you, click on “Book a call”. You will then have to indicate the subject of your call and your project (to allow him to prepare the call), as well as 3 call slots to which the expert can contact you. The latter will validate one of the slots offered, and he will contact you at the agreed time.

Call reservation page

So it’s a tailor-made solution and without engagement which can in particular be tested without any constraint, since the first call is offered and allows you to call any web marketing expert on the platform for an unlimited time.

You will thus save a huge amount of time in Internet research and in reading and will be able to benefit from advice adapted to your problem, from an expert recognized for his skills and who is there for that! To convince yourself, try it, it won’t cost you anything 😉