This weekend, I submitted CWT Advertising & co’m for indexing in Google News. Good news: I just received a positive response from Google. In a few weeks (the time of indexing), the site will therefore appear in Google News, it also appeared in the Wikio ranking in January …

Two years ago, when the blog was still fresh, I tested the inclusion of the blog in Google News (cf. Back on having your blog referenced in Google News). At the time, the blog was refused because Google does not accept blogs and news sites written by one and the same person.

As a reminder, acceptance conditions in Google News are the following :

  • Several writers must participate in the writing.
  • The site should not display an article under two different URLs.
  • The articles URL must contain a number (ID) made up of at least three digits.
  • The articles URL should not change from day to day, it should be constant.
  • Finally, it is necessary to proscribe the links in javascript and the links in the form of image. Indeed, the news robot is not able to follow them.

One of the goals of the blog redesign and the move to co-writing was to integrate Google News. Today, this objective is therefore achieved 🙂

Now it’s a few weeks before the articles are added to the Google News index. Once these are integrated, you will need to submit a sitemap dedicated to Google News. I will write an article on this type of sitemap soon.

Good news that does not come alone, because CWT Advertising & co’m also positioned in the Wikio Marketing ranking for January at the 47th position!

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