The art of non-communication (or controlled communication) is an art that is difficult to handle. Today it is so easy to flood the world of communication as the channels are wide and easy to invest. But too much kills com, and it is sometimes good to abstain, at the risk of ending up with a BadBuzz on your arms …

Some have mastered the control of communication channels, to the point that they have made it their business. And in the end, the cult of secrecy and the scarcity of official information, only maintains the myth, for the benefit of marketing.

Training & Co'm

The Daft Punk took this direction a long time ago, now fully mastering all of their communication.

Silence we create!

Always extremely discreet when their projects, their private life and everything that surrounds them, the star duo of French electro is today one of the few musical groups to have only a poor Facebook, little put to and an obsolete website that is updated once every 4 years. At a time when we are spread all day long that to function it is necessary that our sites are updated very regularly, that Facebook is hyper active and that our Twitter account linked to Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Scoop-it , etc … take turns with our partners, friends, contacts, … we can wonder if the group wants to communicate, and knows how to communicate.

Well yes, and ohh yes. But why do something yourself when others are going to do it for you, better and for free ?! This is the duo’s extremely well thought-out strategy. Relying on a community of fans, and less fans, as eager for information from one side as the other, whether to appreciate, listen or criticize, the group only had to distill here and there a few pieces of information, unofficial at first, then formalized thereafter, to create buzz.

Success at the rendezvous

And it didn’t take less, so that in just 3 months, their new album Random Access Memories (RAM) was number 1 on the charts almost everywhere in the world, and their flagship title, Get Lucky exploded the streaming counters. and download on Spotify and itunes. But this has also always been the case for all of their albums. They even made it their trademark. The fact of not communicating, or very little, and very rarely, transforms the least of their information into a planetary event.

RAM output retrospective

  1. End 2012 : rumors have been going around on social networks for a few months now, the Daft Punk are preparing a new album. But no official communication on the subject. After all this rumor has been going on for 4 years and swelling, we can imagine that one day the other will be true but nobody wants to believe it too much for the moment.
  2. February 2013 : A new site has just been put online. It’s official, a new album is coming, with a new record company. We just see the 2 helmets of the duo and the Columbia label. We can hardly make it simpler as a page and worse in SEO (only javascript). The group’s Facebook is also updated for the first time in 2 years.
  3. March 3, 2013: it’s a bomb that just exploded on the canvas. A 16-second teaser airs during a Saturday Night Live advertising campaign in the US. She shows the name of Daft Punk on a very funk musical background. Besides the millions of people who watch this video on American TV, the news is extremely quickly relayed by the fans who post this video on different platforms. Quickly the video is seen more than a million times, and especially the 16 seconds are taken by many artists who divert them to make a more or less complete piece.
  4. March 24, new bomb, Daft punk unveils a new extract of more than a minute on his new title “Get Lucky”. The video is again viewed millions of times.
  5. April 18, Daft Punk offers his new song “Get Lucky” in streaming on Spotify, itunes and the video is available on Youtube. Spotify then records its absolute streaming listening record on a song. The official video is also viewed over 100 million times on Youtube, and sales of iTunes are exploding (40,000 sales in 3 days, thereby signing the sales record for a dematerialized title). The long-awaited album is scheduled for May 21.
  6. May 13 the group broadcasts a new 15-second clip during a video staging them listening to a vinyl, further fueling the expectations of fans.
  7. The 14 myi dramatized: the album leaked on the net, illegal download platforms are jubilant. The reaction was immediate from the group, which offered free listening to the album via streaming on iTunes, which then recorded its listening record for an album.
  8. Finally the album is released in the back on May 21. And as usual, he is a hit. In addition to the absolute sales record on itunes for the single (67,000 sales in 1 week) and the absolute sales record for a dematerialized album, the physical version of the latter has already sold to date to over a million copies worldwide, ranking No. 1 in the majority of countries.

Proof of this is that music still sells as well as consumers buy, regardless of record labels who find no other excuse than to castigate illegal downloads. You just have to use it wisely, be imaginative, and live (and sell) with the times.