For this second episode, “Startup of the month”, an operation in collaboration with CB News, many of you voted for Dareboost (which was in competition with Souscritoo). The startup Dareboost offers an innovative solution to analyze and boost the performance of its website, discover it in the rest of this article…

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I give the floor to Damien Jubeau, CEO of Dareboost!

3 questions to the startup “DareBoost”

Hello Damien, can you introduce Dareboost to us?

DareBoost is a startup co-founded by 4 engineers in 2014, based in Rennes, and which publishes the eponymous online service

This tool, which has a free version, tests and analyzes any web page in just a few seconds.

You will get a full report on performance (loading time) and technical quality (SEO, security, etc.), with dozens of detailed and personalized optimization tips.

The online service also makes it possible to automate the monitoring of these various subjects, to produce a history but also to send alerts if ever a problem occurs.

Our clients are web or SEO agencies, freelancers, e-commerce sites or even large accounts (luxury, banks, media, etc.).

How did the idea for this project come about?

“Time is money” is a saying that makes sense when we design a website: waiting is something that our visitors should avoid at all costs.

(We had already spoken about this here: Why should web performance be a priority?)

Technical training, but entrepreneurs at heart, we found that no tool made the link between web performance issues (very related to business) and often very technical solutions to implement.

So we created DareBoost.

We want to democratize web performance management, and offer a tool that makes the link between the different professions involved in web projects, so that they converge towards the same goal: faster, better referenced and better quality sites. !

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

In the coming weeks, we will successively set up 2 updates on our product:

  • addition of a dozen new checkpoints in our analyzes, to offer you ever more complete diagnostic reports;
  • new feature: comparison! A new report to allow our users to compare the performance and quality of their web pages with those of their competitors.

Regarding the development of our activity, we are obviously continuing our efforts in England, but will especially intensify them internationally (we already have 35% of our customers abroad).

Besides, we are looking for someone to support us in our commercial development! Do not hesitate to contact us 🙂

About DareBoost

Our blog dedicated to web performance and quality:

Social networks: Twitter – Facebook – Google+ – Linkedin.

Direct contact
Damien Jubeau (CEO): +33 (0) 6 28 37 69 26

Free grandstand

Our web performance and quality analysis service is available free of charge to test the home page of your site.

I therefore offer a quick presentation in pictures, and invite you to take the test now on your own web pages!

On, you will find a form that will allow you to enter the address of the page you want to test:


You will note that you can also do a mobile test (whether your site is responsive or that there is a version dedicated to mobile) and that you can choose where the test will be conducted (if the audience of your site is international, it is very important to ensure the speed felt in the countries you are targeting).

After initiating the test, you will only have a few seconds to wait before getting a full test report.


First part of the analysis report of the England site of

Tool reports start with an overview, the first element of which is an overall score calculated from all the checks that were carried out on the page tested. Each controlled good practice has a coefficient depending on the importance of the associated issues.

The summary of this report also presents the main indicators related to web performance, while allowing you to situate them in relation to Google recommendations or to averages observed on the web.

It is also a gateway to other features, such as a page loading video, or more technical indicators.

You will notice that Dareboost has detected technologies used by the site. This detection will allow us to offer personalized advice, which I suggest you discover in the rest of this same report:


In this second part of Dareboost’s report, we first find a summary of the different good practices checked on the page, with a separation into different categories to facilitate navigation according to each person’s areas of interest.

Categories dedicated to optimization tips specific to certain technologies (here WordPress and Google Font API) may also be present.

Other advice can similarly be adapted according to the technologies used on the site (CMS, frameworks, widgets, etc.), always with the idea of ​​facilitating optimizations and solving problems.

Each tip can be unfolded in 1 click to access the detail, which will include information on the issues and on the resolution method.

So all you have to do is go test your own site on, and benefit from the dozens of recommendations made by the tool!

To find out more, you can consult the page dedicated to functionalities, or even discover the different professional offers. Do not hesitate to post your questions in comments!