Depending on the country, Marketing and Communication Directors plan to spend on average between 15% and 25% of their budget in 2015 on content purchases. In this budget period, here are the keys to approach the content…

Why budget for content-related expenses?

  • Because you have to redo your site, your Intranet your pages of social media and that it is necessary to fill them in and make them live: do not spoil all the design work with badly written content, not adapted to the readership, neither attractive nor contributors;
  • Because you are engaging in a customer relationship strategy and that it is advisable to set up a true editorial policy: to frame the speech and the elements of language, to coordinate the publications between the various supports, to build an organization, to ensure a follow-up, …;
  • Because relevant and relevant content is guarantee of success : catchy titles, it’s audience and SEO, well written texts, it’s interest and affinity, talking photos, it’s membership, layouts well thought out, these are guaranteed sales,…;
  • Because producing content is a real expertise and one real job : You draw, do you do your visuals?

Where is content found?

  • On your site, your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.), your Intranet, etc.;
  • In your mailings, your newsletters, your reports, your magazines, your blogs,…;
  • In your community animation;
  • In what your collaborators publish personally.

What is the purchase of content and editorial costs?

  • The production of texts, photos and videos for all media;
  • The “staging” and editorialization of the contents: titles, chapôs, intertitles, captions of the photos, paragraphs, …;
  • The “smoothing” and re-reading of existing content;
  • Editorial SEO: keywords, tags, tags, metadescriptions, url,…;
  • Animation: blog note, community management, posts, …;
  • Strategic thinking and the creation of framing documents: concept, editorial charter, guide for contributors, memo community manager, …

What amounts to expect?

You must budget action by action, without forgetting the operation (human resources, service providers, advertising purchases, etc.). For example, a branded website claims between 15% and 20% of the initial investment per year.

What compensation, your ROI?

Content is not just a cost center. It brings resources and creates value. To argue about spending, you will need to compare quantified objectives, direct (content is a purchasing lever) or indirect (content contributes to the brand or commercial policy).

You are ready to face your management controller and defend your choices in front of your decision-makers.