▷ Design a webmarketing strategy in 2021 2021 -

The year 2020 marked a very important turning point in the field of web marketing. Where most sectors of activity have recorded significant declines in turnover, companies that have entered into the online business of products and / or services have remained competitive. New players are continually entering the market. In this context, it is more than ever essential to design an efficient and sustainable marketing strategy.

The importance of defining a web marketing strategy?

The financial challenges of online commerce are considerable since this sector of activity represents in 2019 a turnover of more than 100 billion euros. These figures were announced by FEVAD (European Distance Selling Federation) which draws up an annual report on e-commerce. The sector is currently experiencing exponential growth.

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The SRI e-pub Observatory which carries out numerous studies with the main advertising agencies has shown that since 2016, the amount of advertising investments on the web has exceeded that of audiovisual advertising. Online commerce is growing exponentially. In an increasingly competitive sector, it has become essential to take the time to design a solid and lasting web marketing strategy.

The challenges related to web referencing

Among the levers to favor in the context of your digital marketing strategy, there are those of the SEM whose performance has been proven of course, but not only.

The SEO web Traditionally refers to the set of techniques that increase the visibility of a website by allowing it to appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERP) on certain queries (keywords). By using an SEO agency (search engine optimization), we work to increase the visibility of its website from robots used by search engines and therefore traffic.

In addition to the natural referencing strategy, a SEA (search engine advertising) agency works to optimize referencing through advertising solutions offered by search engines.

Today, web referencing no longer only concerns websites, but also social network accounts or more specific content such as videos for example.

It is now also important to define a strategy of SEO for social networks (SMO). More and more agencies specializing in web referencing offer services in these different areas and bring together specialists in different referencing techniques.

The challenges of webmarketing in 2021

A company that wants to increase its turnover must send the right commercial message in order to reach its customers. A web marketing strategy well designed makes it possible to define the right medium, the adequate form and the content of the commercial message allowing to reach and engage the advertiser’s target.

The year 2021 will mark a turning point in this area. First, because French very small and medium-sized enterprises are in the process of making up for their delay in digital equipment. Secondly, because this phenomenon of digital transition is generating increasingly strong competition. However, being visible while maintaining its financial margins on the media and search engines requires ever greater resources or increasingly sophisticated strategies.