You are a trader and you would like to develop your notoriety on the Internet thanks to digital? Are you looking for tips and advice for getting started on the Internet? We will see together the different steps to put in place to start effectively…

Here is what you will learn in this article:

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  1. Why is it important for your brand to be on the Internet?
  2. How to effectively use social networks for your local brand?
  3. How to animate and engage your customers to become fans of your pages on social networks?
  4. How to create partnerships around your brand?
  5. How to create content to develop your notoriety on the Internet?
  6. How to develop a coherent brand image on the Internet?

Why is it important for your brand to be on the Internet?

Nowadays, being absent on the Internet can have harmful consequences for your brand. In fact, in 2013, 81% of companies put their keys under the door, because they had neither website nor visibility on social networks. In this same context, the French spent more than 57 billion euros on the Internet in 2014 (Source from La Fevad).

So, to answer the question “Why is it important for your brand to be on the Internet?”, I would simply say that there are many advantages to developing your notoriety, the first being that of bringing even more proximity to your customers. Today, our consumption patterns have changed and, as a trader, you have to adapt to these new habits. To help you develop your notoriety, let’s come back together on the different steps to perform in this article.

1st step: How to effectively use social networks for your local brand?

I’m sure you’ve already been told that your store should be on social media and that it is important for you and your brand to have pages and profiles on these media? I will not say otherwise. However, it is important to put them in place effectively.

First of all, you don’t have to be on all social networks. In my opinion, I advise you to start with the two most important: Facebook and Google My Business. Why them? It seems to me that these are two social networks are the most relevant for a convenience store.

How to create a Facebook page for your brand?

Facebook : We are more than 30 million users in England. Beyond the family and private aspect, it can be used to promote your brand. And to get there, you have to change your beliefs about this social network.

Many believe that it is not possible to advertise your business through Facebook. I’ve heard prospects and customers say to me, “I don’t want to be on Facebook because I don’t want to be friends with strangers“. Except that there, you should not use the Facebook profiles which have a private use, but rather create a Facebook page. Indeed, they were created specially to highlight your brand on this social network. It is therefore important to make a difference.

Note that you do not have to have a Facebook profile to be able to create a Facebook page. However, if you want to have all the functionality of this page, I still recommend that you create a profile to link. Also, when you create a Facebook page without having a profile associated with it, you do not have access to the search engine integrated with Facebook, which will reduce your actions on this social network. In addition, as much as it is important to associate your Facebook page with your profile, it is not obligatory that your “private” profile is visible in the “about” page of your Facebook page.

By creating the page, you will arrive on this screen. First click on “local place or business”.


Then, fill in each field.


With this information, Facebook will recognize you as a physical sign and allow people close to you to find you in its search engine. Also know that these pages are referenced within search engines (Google, Bing).

Recommendation: Use the exact coordinates of your store, do not create a nickname or other, because once you have registered them on Facebook, you will not be able to change their name. In addition, it is important to be consistent. I’ll talk about it later in the “branding” part of this article.

How to create a Google My Business page for your brand?

Google My Business : The advantage of local Google pages is that they are referenced within its engine and also visible on Google Maps. By using the various Google tools, you increase your chances of visibility by filling in information effectively to help your users find you better. One of the advantages of Google My Business is that the service is free, like Facebook pages.

By the way, 200 million users consult Google Map from a mobile device, i.e. 40% of the users of the service. Source:

Google My Business

As with Facebook, be as specific as possible in the information you will provide on this page. Also, import photos of your sign for Google to display in your customers’ search results. Using your own photographs to showcase your business on social media will be much more profitable, which will be appreciated by your customers.

Once everything is in place, here’s what you need to get:

Corporate stylist graphic designer Web designer 5 rue Jules Ferry Couleuvre Google search

And here is the result obtained on Google Maps:

Corporate stylist graphic designer Web designer Google Maps

Recommendation: It’s important to have photos of your business and add them to your Google My Business page. Because, by default, Google will search for photos that are closest to it, but that will not reflect a quality brand image. It happened to one of my clients. Its facade was damaged and it was unpleasantly surprised to find that Google had taken a picture of it at the time. I let you imagine the damage to its brand image. You should know that Google takes photos of your establishments, streets, etc. to provide its Street View service. So to avoid having the same kind of adventure, keep control over your photographs.

Step 2: How to animate and engage your customers to become fans of your social media pages?

Now that you’ve created your pages on social media, it’s time to start animating them, and get down to engaging your customers.

How do you do it? To help you, I will voluntarily cut this part into two sections. The first section “What to do with your current customers” and the second, “How to acquire new customers on social networks?”

1st section: What to do with your current customers

1st tip : For example, you can create a small visual like a front / back business card to promote your social media pages.


2nd tip : You can have two stickers made: one for your Facebook page, and the other for your Google My Business page, in order to stick them on your shop window. It would also show that you are present on social media and that we can find you there.



3rd tip : To go further, the startup Smiirl has developed a small tool that allows you to display in real time the number of fans you have on your Facebook page.


If you’re already on social media and have other tips to share, feel free to include them in the comments at the end of this article.

2nd section: How to acquire new customers on social networks?

This second section will require a little more effort on your part, and be aware that your audience will not be built in a day. To acquire new customers on your social media pages, this requires time and regular actions. To help you, I use a very powerful tool every day. I’m talking about Neocamino, developed by a Lyon startup of the same name. I invite you to watch this video or read this article.

Since using Neocamino, I have been getting new subscribers regularly, and my website traffic has increased by more than 37% in the space of 5 months.

In addition to Neocamino, I strongly invite you to create a stronger engagement with your audience yourself. For example, you can:

  • Ask your current customers to become ambassadors for your brand on Internal, that is to say that they talk about you on their social media profiles;
  • Organize a small contest where you invite your customers to share a photo on your Facebook page;
  • Organize a small aperitif before an exceptional operation in your shop, and invite your customers to share this event on their social media profile with the link on your Facebook page.

To go further, here are 10 good ideas to animate your social media pages daily.

Step 3: How to create partnerships around your brand?

To go further in acquiring new customers, you can create partnerships. For example with:

  • Your suppliers and sub-contractors;
  • The neighboring brands of your business;
  • Your city which surely already has a Facebook page or a website.

Well, an idea that crosses my mind while writing this article. You could imagine, for example, that you are doing a small survey of your customers to find out if they have a Facebook page. Why ?
You can create a partnership between you, that is to say that you in turn “like” their Facebook page. And why not from time to time offer them a personalized offer, even exclusively for them? In addition, you may be interested in what they are doing to strengthen the bonds between you. What do you think ?

There are many ways to enter into partnerships to increase your awareness and visibility on the Internet. The possibilities are endless and depend only on your imagination.

Step 4: How to create content to develop your notoriety on the Internet?

Beyond the actions that I have just presented to you, you must regularly bring content to bring your social network pages and your website to life. To do this, you must regularly create content to share with your subscribers. This content will allow you to retain your customers and increase your notoriety on the Internet.

What kind of content can you make?

The most used contents are blog articles, photographs and video. For example, you can start by telling your subscribers and customers how you became a trader. You can tell the story of your store, your passion and what you do daily in your establishment. You can share photographs of your events, your team, etc.

The purpose of this content is to build bond, empathy with your customers / subscribers. Do not be only in a commercial process with them. Above all, people like to have a human exchange with their favorite brands. As a trader, I would even say that you have a big advantage compared to big brands! Indeed, you can create and develop a real bond of proximity with your customers, via social networks.

If you like video, why not create a YouTube channel that will be associated with your Google My Business page? Thus, you will also offer to upload your videos directly to Facebook in order to bring a new approach to your subscribers and customers.

Again, there are many possibilities for creating content. But the bottom line is that regularity of publication will create engagement with your subscribers / customers.

Step 5: How to develop a consistent brand image on the Internet?

We cannot speak of notoriety without being rigorous in the deployment of our brand image. It is important that it is consistent to reassure your prospects and customers and thus allow them to better identify you.

Imagine that Coca-Cola decides on its Facebook page not to use its graphic charter or its logo. Do you still trust the brand or will it leave you in doubt?

Why is it important to have all the elements that make up your brand image?

You need to create a logo that clearly represents your values ​​and the philosophy of your brand. This must be accompanied by a graphic charter inspired by the colors of your establishment. The elements that constitute your brand image on the Internet must be consistent with your store.

Here are some examples of brand image consistency for a local brand:


Facebook Save my SmartPhone



La Mie Câline


And here is an example of branding that needs improvement:

Here the Facebook page is well looked after.

Florval Fleuriste

However, when we click on the link to the website, we arrive on this page which does not highlight the brand image of the brand at all. This can be a drag on consumers.

FLORA Florist Philippe Marme Saint Amand Montrond in Cher

Finally, in this image, we do not see very well the store on the insert of the Google My Business page. I think it would be interesting to treat it, just as they did for their Facebook page.

Florval Fleuriste Google Search

To conclude this article, I hope I have met your expectations. The bottom line is that there are many solutions you can use to build your brand awareness through the Internet. As with any activity, it takes time. Reserve yourself one to two hours a day to gradually build your presence on the web. Here, do not hesitate to ask your questions in comments, I will be happy to answer you!