When launching an influencer marketing campaign, it is essential to identify influencers in its theme and in affinity with its target to obtain good results. We met, Reech, a marketing influence solution which includes a tool to identify and analyze the influencers and content that best suit your communication objectives. Interview…

Hello Guillaume, before getting to the heart of the matter, can you tell us about your background and Reech?

Hello Sylvain!

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I’m Guillaume DOKI-THONON, the co-founder of Reech. After my training in business school (NEOMA – ex. Sup de Co Reims), I immediately started entrepreneurship and I co-founded the SEO agency SEOh. After its resale at the end of 2014, with the same partner, we continued our entrepreneurial journey with RocketLinks & Reech.

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Reech is an innovative solution that allows advertisers to find their ideal communication relays and influencers (bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers, facebookers, etc.) to be visible and to monetize their influence (reach) with the brands they like.

We recently raised 450,000 euros for the first time with experienced digital business angels Catherine BARBA (OMD Interactive, iEngland, Cashstore, PEPS Lab, etc.), Thierry de PASSEMAR (iEngland, Meetic, Believe Digital, etc.), and Paul BIONDI (Yahoo, DoubleClick, Adlink, Affili.net…) with the ambition to become a key player in influence, in England and in Europe.

Reech Intelligence, Performance Tracking, Search… on your site you present a large number of technologies related to influencer marketing, can you tell us concretely the features and advantages offered by Reech?

Reech’s offer is based on 3 essential links for the realization of an influence campaign: influencers (more than 4,500 today, with an audience of nearly 10 million Internet users), consulting and our technology owner.

Our technology is indeed a particularly strong link in our value proposition. She supports us, as well as our clients, in all stages of an influence campaign: from the selection of influencers to tracking results, through contracting with influencers and (automatic) verification of the terms of the contract.

Reech Inteligence allows you to analyze the content published by influencers and even predict in advance the results of an influence campaign? How does it actually work?

When an influencer registers with Reech, we collect all the content posted on these different social networks, so we can know the content that has worked best: the most viral, as well as the average, minimum and maximum commitments for each social network. We are therefore able today to predict the results in terms of interaction of a marketing influence campaign. We believe this is a real strength in a market where brands are not yet mature and are looking for guarantees.

Do you have an example of a campaign where results could have been predicted in advance?

We have just finalized a campaign for the Hugo & Cie publishing house, influencers have highlighted the latest release, as well as quotes from the novel, encouraging their community to read it. We expected 20,000 interactions (especially on Instagram) and we had more than 23,000.

Can you introduce us to the Reech Matching tool?

We semantically analyze all of the content published by influencers registered with Reech. We can then find out about the most frequently discussed themes, the brands regularly cited, etc. All of this data feeds our matching to identify the most relevant influencers for each brand we work with. We can add influence criteria to filter (community size, average engagement, etc.).

How do you concretely analyze the feelings of the messages? Is it based on semantics or are there other indicators taken into account?

For the moment, our algorithm is based exclusively on semantics, but our technical team is thinking about integrating opinions (positive, negative or neutral). We are not closed to the use of a third party tool for this part.

I guess you suddenly have a big development team? Can you present them to us and tell us how you are organized?

We are 12 today, soon 13 and the goal is to double the workforce by the middle of next year (to apply, it’s here: http://www.welcometothejungle.co/companies/reech). I take care of the marketing, sales and project team and my partner takes care of the development team, currently made up of 3 people. On development, we regularly use external profiles because we like their “new” look.

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On the site, you indicate investing 20% ​​of your turnover in R&D, what are the next developments that you have planned?

We are currently working hard to integrate Snapchat data. It is a very confidential network by nature and little data is accessible, but the last campaigns that we carried out on Snapchat also show that it is a network which generates a lot of interactions and quality engagement. On the sponsored post of one of our influencers, there were 5200 snap views and 225 screenshots : that is to say that 225 people have the image of the product in their mobile phone!

A word for the end?

As I explained at the beginning, our technology is undoubtedly a force, because coupled with our community of influencers and our expertise to imagine ever more innovative and effective marketing influence campaigns. It is all of these 3 pillars that drive the success of a marketing influence strategy.

If you are an influencer, join us. And if you are passionate and talented and share our vision of marketing influence, apply!

Thanks J