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Do you have an activity on the Internet and would you like to develop it? Are you looking for different channels to acquire new customers? Do you use Instagram to communicate and make yourself known? Facebook is more and more difficult to use to develop an internet business, because the reach tends to decrease more and more, to make room for advertising. Basically, if you don’t pay, you have very little visibility.

Conversely, Instagram remains a still affordable social network … but until when? Because we must not forget that Instagram belongs to Facebook, so the network may follow the same fate.

The Marketing Influence Glossary

Marketing influence glossaryAre you planning to launch a marketing influence campaign? How to create the conditions of trust and success between the brand, its partner, and influencers? Speaking the same language! It’s exactly for this reason that we set out to create this Marketing Influence Glossary. From the “influencer capsule collection” to the “fit influencer” to “KPI”, discover more than 50 definitions around this powerful communication lever.

Take advantage of Instagram

Instagram is still very widely usable to attract new prospects or customers for your activity.

Let’s see how to put this into practice.

When you get started on Instagram, you first need to have a perfectly optimized account. It starts with a nice profile photo accompanied by an interesting, captivating Bio, which makes you want to know more. It is also in this part that you can put the link of your site or capture page.

Add some hashtags

You are aware that hashtags are very important on Instagram. These are the keywords that illustrate what you say. It is in particular thanks to this that potential followers can find your publications through the Instagram search engine.

Once you have optimized your profile, you will need to post content regularly. And here I’ll tell you to be careful with what you post.

Instagram is a social network where looks play a lot. An account harmonized with photos that have the same general tone, will be more appreciated than a somewhat disjointed Instagram account with photos where the filters are different from each other.

A captivating bio

Your Instagram profile is sort of your business card. Bet everything on this section which allows not only to introduce yourself but also to connect the future follower to you.

You also have the option of including an action verb to entice your visitors to click your Bio link.

Feel free to link your nicest capture page to maximize the chances of getting your prospect’s email.

Federate a community

To develop your Internet business with Instagram, you are going to have to attract people who like what you do. But for that, you will have to be very careful with your Followers, that is to say, bring them relevant content regularly via posts images, videos or stories.

Spontaneously, your audience will purify over time and you will only keep people interested in your content.

These people can easily become your next customers.

Regular publications

You should know that Instagram is a social network that allows you to find your customers but before turning a visitor into a follower, then a customer, you will have to bring value.

This value is communicated through regular posts that you will add to your Instagram account through images, videos or stories. The latter works very well and allows, through short videos, to add value.

The people who follow you want to know more about you, but also to discover new things that you share. The idea is that these people identify with you.

And for that, there are no mysteries, you need to publish regularly and make sure to offer things that are relevant to your audience.

By following this course of action, you will have no trouble seducing your followers and attracting them to your site or your products.

A trendy social network

Before you start body and soul on Instagram, find out which social networks your client avatar uses.

Instagram has more than 17 million active users every month, which potentially means that your ideal client is necessarily there.

Also be careful not to believe that it is simple and easy to get started on this network to find your customers.

Instagram requires consistency, relevance in your content, interaction with your followers. It’s a real working tool that requires spending a little time every day.

Instagram bots to ban

It would certainly occur to you to delegate these tasks, in particular with an Instagram Bot.

These kind of robots that automate your tasks like posting, going to follow or unfollow users in order to grow your community.

I strongly advise against it for the simple and good reason that Instagram has been hunting witches for some time against this kind of practices.

The risk is that you have your account banned or your publications suffer a big loss of reach.

Prioritize the human by doing the work on your account yourself and you will see that in the long term, it will pay off.

Business that grows thanks to Instagram

As you can see, Instagram is the social network that offers great opportunities to reach your target. However, you really have to work on your brand image by developing an account that aims to be attractive, interesting and captivating.

If you start posting nonsensical photos or your account is not harmonious, you may not have the expected impact and will not be able to really get profile from your account.

On the other hand, if you take the time to adopt a real editorial line, with carefully crafted content, you will quickly feel the benefits.

You can find a workshop on video that will teach you that selling with Instagram is possible.