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Even if today, the possibilities of communication on the web are within everyone’s reach (social networks, Youtube, blogs, etc.), when you are an artist and you want to make yourself known, you quickly realize that communication is a real job! And yes‚ it may be necessary to surround yourself with specialists to effectively communicate and enhance your artistic work. Today, I met Céline Magnano, digital marketing consultant but also artistic image coach. She was kind enough to explain to us what are the points to remember to develop your visibility when you are an artist …

Hello Céline, can you introduce yourself to our readers? What is your background and how did you get to be an artistic image coach?

celine magnanoHello Sylvain, my journey is made up of two passions carried out simultaneously. I have been a singer-songwriter since the age of 15, after my baccalaureate I chose to become an intermittent performer, then I went up to Paris at 19. Between studio and piano bar, I had the chance to meet a team of excellent musicians and I signed two singles with Universal and Wagram Music.

Training & Co'm

In parallel, I trained in digital marketing and I worked for 4 years at Microsoft, finally specializing in digital communication by passing a certification in Community management at IMCI Formation.

Today, I have chosen to combine its two channels to share with emerging artists, my own experience, both musically and digitally.

When did you start ICE Consulting and why?

By completing my certification, I already had in mind to set up my structure to support the artists on their journey. This project was born in November 2015. When I started the scene at 15, I would have loved to have a unique coach, who accompanies me on all levels, rather than taking lessons on one side singing, on the other go to record models without being guided by voice, courses in scenic interpretation, without style monitoring, a search for personality. It costs time and money.

What do you offer via ICE Consutling?

Today, there are either Community Managers for artists, voice coaching, recording studios, or artistic direction.

I simply propose to combine the four with one and the same person, a gain of experience and money for the artist or the amateur who wishes to develop his artistic personality and disseminate it on the internet, all in an atmosphere friendly and sharing.

Today, what are the difficulties that one encounters when one is an artist and one wishes to make oneself known?

It’s not new, today’s world is crumbling under the new artists, each more original than the last.

And the additional difficulty is that the public has become demanding and gets tired very quickly. They are so quick to jump on the bandwagon and one bad news story can quickly go viral and ruin your career before it’s even taken off. It’s why having a great PR agency like you can find when you click here is so important for new artists.

To stop our audience from turning on us. we must therefore find a loyal audience, through visual communication, but also written, a concept at the same time simple and sought after, depending on the musical style defined together and the target to which this style is addressed.

So, after having defined all these parameters, you simply have to generate emotion; humor, sadness, love, to bring out what will allow the public to recognize themselves in the artist … There is talent, of course, but it also depends on the way it is addressed to its audience on social networks, by the amount of speech, which will make it more or less mysterious, it goes through its visual content, the colors chosen, in accordance with what it wants to release, and by video content , more or less regular and / or natural or staged, via covers (filmed covers) that looks like him, while remaining sincere, it is just a matter of highlighting all of his assets.

How do you help your clients overcome their difficulties?

It depends on its course and the stage where it is.

An artist who already has experience on stage, in studios, will have more self-confidence and may need less stage coaching than an artist who has never had experience in public.

I have singers who already have a well established style, for those, I accompany them on their composition, and I focus mainly on the development of their digital image.

So each musician has their own areas for improvement, and the development program is set accordingly.

Can you explain to us what is the scope of your services? You go from vocal style to Community management, how do you manage to link these different skills?

I do not pretend to provide the absolute method, because that does not exist, of course. What I offer is my own experience after 14 years of career with great music professionals who have worked with the greatest, who have taught me a lot and who still teach me so much today, on the singing, writing, musical arrangements and scenic interpretation…

And all combined with my years in international marketing, to finally focus on digital.

I do not pretend to anything other than support, monitoring and advice.

I understood today that I take a monstrous pleasure in helping artists who do not know where to start, who need us to set foot in the stirrup, that we make them meet people, that we advise them on their rights, that we tell them what scenes to do, and how to go about it, how to create an image, an audience, and a network of musicians and media…

Let them stop being afraid of thinking that there is something better than them, because there is an audience for everyone, you just have to find it. But this world is not always easy, I myself would have liked, at times, to be able to rely on someone who advises me when I landed alone in Paris.

What is the profile of your clients? How do you manage to adapt your performances to the different artistic universes of these?

I have artists who just sang in the shower. And we start in these cases with compulsory voice coaching courses.

I’m not here to sell the dream, if there is work before I start developing the image, the artist must understand it.

I’m thinking of a singer in particular, who has a vocal job, but she’s extremely good at writing and composing. So we format his songs and we work on the voice from his own compositions.

The program is really specific to each, that’s why I offer a discovery session, completely free, in which we discuss, we study a little his journey, his wishes, his tastes, what exists on him on the web etc …

It is important to break the ice to move forward, this session is really necessary to establish a climate of trust and sharing. Because I do not conceive of music without sharing, and I conceive our sessions as an exchange of equals, not of “teacher” or “student”, because they bring me a lot too. Some artists with whom I work have such a monstrous talent, I will obviously not pretend to bring them my musically speaking help.

At that time, their development will be on their digital image, the creation of content and the management of their website and their social networks, as well as stages, in partnership with tour operators.

If you had 3 tips to give artists to make themselves known via the web, what would it be?

Already, to define his style well, we can like several musical styles, but I think that the identity of an artist is very important, to be able to reach a very precise public, because it is this public which will remain faithful.

Then, as with any business, you have to be a connected artist! Using the platforms made available to make us known, creating an intimate relationship with Internet users, Youtube is a great platform, a real viral way to create an audience…

Finally, I would suggest to be curious and original, to be a step ahead of the titles that can work, and to adapt them to its universe, to create a video that will be watched and sought … use the right keywords depending etc …

I’ve experienced it myself as an artist with Castle in the Snow, remix of The Avener… a cover that didn’t go too wrong with 35,000 views.

A word for the end?

Well, I would be delighted to be able to discover new artists, whether for a drink or to work together, I am always on the lookout for new musical sharing, and I have lots of friends to make you meet !

Music is for that, so don’t hesitate! J

If you are an artist, that you have a talent to put forward, do not hesitate to consult Céline, she can perfectly accompany you.

You can find it on its site: www.iceconsulting.fr and social networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and his blog.

ICE Consulting was discovered through our operation the #StartupDuMois