Many of you have asked us for recommendations on books essential for developing your knowledge of digital marketing. And yes, as much it is essential to have an active watch and to follow the good sites and blogs (think of us in passing) as much sometimes it is more pleasant to have a good book in the hands (or a good reader) . Here is our selection of books to develop your knowledge…

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The Long Tail, Chris Anderson

long tail book chris andersonThe concept of long tail well mastered is a real gold mine to develop your business (especially for e-merchants), improve your communication and much more. Going against Paretto’s famous 20/80 law, Chris Anderson explains how to multiply his gains by hitting a larger target with the long tail. A “must read”.

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Successful web referencing, Olivier Andrieu

web referencing book olivier andrieuOlivier Andrieu who publishes the Abondance site, news and information on referencing, exposes us via this book his techniques to be visible in search engines. From optimizing its code, to its netlinking strategy and including content, all the techniques will be explained. The book is aimed at all levels from beginners to the more experienced. It is re-released and updated on a regular basis, the last version dating from February 2015. Find Successful web referencing on Amazon>

The Purple Cow, Seth Godin

book cow purple seth godinBe careful, we’re not talking about the Milka cow here 🙂 The work of marketing guru Seth Godin will help you make your brand, your products and your business remarkable. It will give you ideas and techniques to stand out from the crowd!
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Mercator, Jacques Lendrevie and Julien Lévy

mercator bookTHE marketing bible, the Mercator will find its place in your marketing library. Of course, it’s not the kind of book you read all at once, you just pick up the info when you need it. Ideal for marketing students.

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Successful web marketing, Pierre Chappaz and Serge Roukine

book successful web marketingThe book dates from 2011 but it is still relevant. It has the advantage of being simple to read and giving beginners a complete vision of web marketing. More confirmed profiles will also find a lot of information and points of view that will enrich their knowledge.

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The 4 hour week, Timothy Ferris

book the week of 4h“Work more to earn more” fffff it is outdated, this book offers you to work less to earn more and live better. In practice, the book will give a multitude of methods to improve its efficiency and rethink the way of working and doing business.

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Sociology of social networks, Pierre Mercklé

book sociology of social networksA book that can be read very quickly and which will allow you to understand the sociological universe of social networks and to be more effective in community management. And yes, doing community management is not just generating likes, rt and comments 🙂 The book will help you better understand the interactions between individuals in a community. To read.

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The Whuffie Effect, Tara Hunt

whuffie effect bookThe whuffie is a social capital that evolves as a user interacts with others. This book will help you understand the techniques to work on your social capital and take advantage of social networks to develop your business.

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The art of enchantment, Guy Kawasaki

book art enchantment guy kawazakiFormer communicator at Apple and creator of several startups, Guy Kawasaki in this book will explain how to delight your customers and revolutionize their experience so that your brand remains in their minds.

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Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to tell your story in a noisy social world, Gary Vaynerchuck

book jab jab jab right hookFor English speakers, this book will help better understand communication on social networks. It will help you to set up an effective social media strategy to stand out from the crowd. This humorous, New York Times-awarded book is very pleasant to read.

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Knowing everything on Twitter is good for business, Camille Jourdain

Twitter book good businessTwitter has become essential in digital communication, in this book you will find concrete techniques to develop your visibility on the social network. Numerous examples and practical cases support the theory and make the book very pleasant to read.

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The guide to sponsored links: Google Adwords, Florian Marlin

guide book sponsored linksDo you want to launch your first Google Adwords campaign or improve your efficiency in managing your campaigns? The book is made for you. It is presented in the form of questions and answers allowing to tackle all the themes related to the management of advertising campaigns. It will be the perfect complement to the book by Olivier Andrieu seen above.

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Web Analytics: Measuring the success and maximizing the profits of your website, Nicolas Malo, Jacques Warren

web analytics bookAny good web marketer must master web analytics tools in order to effectively manage his communication strategy and campaigns. If installing and monitoring basic indicators is within everyone’s reach, mastering all the data to bring out the right information and set up effective activity dashboards is another story. This book will help you master this discipline!

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51 Content Marketing Hacks, Scott Aughtmon

book 51 content marketing hacksThis book only available in digital format will help you develop your content strategy through effective methods. Filled with good ideas, it will help you quickly put these methods into practice.

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E-Marketing & E-Commerce, Thomas Stenger

book emarketing ecommerce dunodThis book offers a clear and complete overview of the latest developments in e-marketing. It highlights the issues, tools and concepts essential to the practice of e-marketing and e-commerce: customer orientation, social media, online advertising, SEO …

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This list will be updated regularly according to your recommendations, do not hesitate to leave a comment or a message to submit your favorite books to us.

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