The golden rules designate a set of conditions that may lead to compliance with certain principles and objectives that we set for ourselves. External requests, opportunities to postpone the day, the risks of change of direction are numerous. But for a digital strategy to be successful, the approach to be taken must be structured and follow a number of steps. What are they ?

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Structuring the process

If we look at the definition of digital strategy, it’s about the art of developing a coordinated action plan. This definition is valid for all the businesses of the company and the approach should apply, whatever the field of intervention.

when it comes to digital, many companies tend to adopt a
opportunity approach, namely that they rather set up
isolated initiatives because they have heard of, or because they have
since … Is it sustainable? Is it effective?

The digital, constantly evolving, more than any other sector, must be inspired by “Test and learn”. This approach can very well be structured and on the contrary, it is essential that it be for measure feedback from tests performed, adjust if necessary and trigger other tests.

How else
ensure the relevance of the tests carried out?

Integrate the process

You built
a business strategy? Set sales goals for your teams
commercial? Put in place an adapted compensation plan?

You have
developed a forecast?

You have
defined an investment plan to maintain your level of innovation?

forecast depends directly on your commercial actions and your propensity
to innovate also depends directly on your investments.

Digital is no exception to the rule. Integrate your digital strategy into your business strategy if you want it to be both consistent and effective. See digital as a simple marketing and communication channel.

I worked on a project in the printing and cartridge industry a while ago. The company had started a website project without having integrated the constraints and opportunities generated by the other functions of the company, including traditional point-of-sale sales. Consequently, the envisaged site did not meet any real need, neither those of its customers, nor those internally … A lot of time, energy, frustration and budget for a tool that ultimately was not usable.

Start the operational phase

You will have to spend time there, of course. But you have to go through the following questions to win it later:

During this operational phase, prior to the implementation of the action plan, it is important to involve your teams. They are in the field and can be a rich source of information so that your strategy meets the real needs of your customers.

You can then compare your vision with feedback from the field.

Formalize the process

The definition of your strategy includes phases of reflection and discussion. You will not be able to define it in a work session. It is a job that requires taking a step back.

Formalization is essential for you, to stay the course and for your teams with whom you will share your vision and the objectives to be achieved. This formalization can be done in the form of a presentation with different parts combining presentation of objectives and actions, and figures (budget vs. expected results).

Like a business plan that you would present to your banker or investors, the presentation of your digital strategy is the opportunity to put your teams behind you and ensure their success.

So when do you start?