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At some point, almost all business and website owners will ask themselves, “Do I really need to do SEO? ” If you are serious about generating leads, being more visible online and growing your business in terms of visitors and revenue, the answer is YES. And to do it right, why not go through a partner specialized in search engine optimization …

Whether your business is a small local individual business or a large national or international entity with many employees, SEO is one of the most effective ways to maximize the organic reach of your website and increase its visibility to your target audience.

Webmarketing training

SEO: Definition for neophytes

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are actions undertaken online to optimize the organic reach and visibility of your website in search results. It includes everything from keyword optimization to link building, content marketing, navigation and functionality optimization for your site, and much more, both on your site and outside. Together, all of these actions ideally help you reach at least one of the search engine results pages.

Why hire a specialist in search engine optimization?

What is the point of going through an SEO professional when you can do it yourself?

Your online ranking depends on how Google (and other search engines) index online content. It largely depends on algorithms that are constantly modified and updated. It is therefore (very) difficult to obtain a good classification and to keep it. To mitigate the effects of these changes, you need the expertise and techniques of an experienced SEO. Search engine optimization is generally not something that you, as a business owner, manager, or operational employee, can do yourself.

You may ask yourself, “Why can’t I do my SEO myself?” “If only it were that simple! Even digital marketers aren’t technically all SEO experts. Poor SEO can even be detrimental to your business – so it’s crucial that you do it right from the start.

When you hire an SEO expert, you can:

How to properly delegate your SEO?

It’s not necessarily easy to translate your need for visibility and put it down on paper.

To help you in this task, I suggest you download a SEO specification template which will help you define your needs, ranging from marketing needs to more SEO oriented needs. The goal of such an approach? In terms of client, you will think alone or with others about your specific needs, in a context that the agency or the consultant does not know.

All of this information thus communicated will allow the latter to better assess your competitive environment, and at the same time to better appreciate the workload for your SEO and therefore produce a quote as precise as possible.

Do not hesitate to indicate in comment if such support has allowed you to structure your thinking process.