▷ Do you have to drool to succeed? 2020 -

There are ideas that you catch at birth. They’re in the air we breathe … like pollution, you see … suspended under our nostrils. Right under our noses. And we innocent creatures swallow it like we breathe. From our 1st day. We bathe in it. It’s cultural, as we say …

“You have to work hard to succeed.”

How many times have you heard that one?
With its variants.

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“If you work well at school, then you will have a good job”

Make efforts, fight, be voluntary … to finally reap success!
It’s beautiful. It’s moral. It’s christic. A little cult around the edges.

“So, dad, mom, success is the reward of effort? ”
“Yes my daughter! ”

“The secret to success is work.”

Work first, then be happy.

And work is suffering … well yes, it is marked on it!
Since the Latin root of Work is Trepalium, the instrument of torture!

We would not be taken a little for truffles for centuries?
This is so obviously wrong! You just have to look around.

No, hard work does not guarantee success.
No, merit is not a passport to success.
No, the most competent and hardworking are not necessarily the best.

It shocks us. It revolts us.
We really want life to be fair! And simple … logical …
We really want success to be deserved.
May it be the fruit of labor.

So this idea is still floating in the air.

Because she is beautiful.
Because we are used to it.
Is that she is at least 2,000 years old this belief …

But with the erasure of religions, the atmosphere has changed!
The tide has turned.

Less cold north wind.
No more warm south winds.

Less moral.
More pleasure.

Fed up with suffering and duty!
Make way for enjoyment!

“The secret to success is fun! “

Now it’s common to say to a child:
“Do what you love!” This will motivate you and you will succeed. “

And for adults in retraining, we whisper:
“Transform your passions and your hobbies into a job. That way you will never be bored! ”

Simple idea.
So nice idea. So idyllic.

But wrong idea! Totally wrong!

Passion for a subject is no guarantee of success!

There are two reasons for this:

1) There is a world between practicing a hobby and exercising a profession.

The sense of action is completely different!
• Leisure is a practice that has no other purpose than itself.
The only constraints of leisure are those we give ourselves freely.
• The trade is a practice which must be reproducible and give a concrete, economically viable, convertible, regular result. He must comply with regulations.
It therefore has unavoidable constraints which are imposed on us.

2) no profession is “chemically pure”.

We can love making clogs.
It is still necessary to organize a workshop, to negotiate the raw material, to find customers, to manage the account, to accept the uncertainty of the trade, to like the contact with the customers, to want the act of sale, to manage the marketing… (To make dialogue “ the entrepreneur’s sub-personalities ”)
Our inclinations, our tastes rub our needs against our fears.
They come up against our strengths and weaknesses.

In short, we go from the simplicity of pleasure to the complexity of reality.

But, if neither work nor pleasure guarantee success….
so what is the secret of success?

The secret to success is that there are no secrets.

There is no secret … but there is a recipe.
And a recipe is a mixture of ingredients.

Work and pleasure are part of it.

“The future is to put the present in order” St Exupéry

Here are the ingredients for success, to be used in order of the recipe:

1) First, good self-knowledge: the self “
Who are you, what are your strengths?
What are your values?
How do you manage your priorities in your areas of life?
What are your needs ?
Where is your life force, your pleasure?
How does your power to exist manifest?

2) Then a clear idea of ​​where you want to go: the OR”
What is your definition of success?
What are you targeting?
What are your goals ?
Where do you want to go ?
What do you want to avoid?
What do you want to get?
What do you want to feel?
What do you want to do ?
What do you want to have?

3) Put it on a base: your motivation: the why ?”
What purpose ?
To get what?
What does this mean for you?
What will it change in your life?
How important is it to you?

“A seated intellectual goes less far than a walking idiot. »Michel Audiard

4) Plan the route, build a flight plan: the “HOW”
What are the main steps to mark out?
What are your capacities to put you in action towards its stages?
What can you do?
What do you need to learn?
What support do you need?
What will you do if your diet drops?
How will you fuel your motivation?
What skillful means do you have to overcome obstacles?

And especially :


Without the first step, no success is possible.

To put it more elegantly than Michel Audiard:

An ordinary being in action will always go further than a genius who procrastinates.