▷ Do you know the secret of the success of large companies? -

One answer would be automation. Large companies have at one time or another been able to automate part of their services in order to focus on the essentials. And today, social media can greatly automate your business. In particular, you can use a feature that will best help your customers: the chatbot …

Using the chatbot is becoming more and more necessary. Consumers like to have quick answers to their questions, without having to wait in a queue or wait on the phone for hours (I’m barely exaggerating!). This technology therefore improves customer relations while having a relatively low cost for the company. In this article, you will discover the importance of using it, but also how you can make it 10 times more effective with GIFs.

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What is the point of having a chatbot?

If you haven’t used these little robots yet, let me show you their many benefits.

Advantages for the user

Making full use of the power of chatbots allows the user to have access to all the answers to their questions at a record rate, by automating some of your services.

24/7 customer service

What could be nicer than being able to contact Air England at 2 am for example for a vital question of style: “Can I put my external batteries in the hold?” ” The bot responds within a minute, without having to look for information in the FAQ or call the company.


Natural language interaction, or almost

Some bots are smarter than others because some bots are not yet able to understand a sentence. They are called linear chatbot. They offer questions with predefined answers. Others, on the other hand, understand very well the sentences that are written to them, like that of Air England to use the example.

Accessible where the user is

Whether you are in bed, on the subway, or on vacation in Hawaii, you can always contact the company, either on its official website or on social media. And the little extra is that we don’t need to download an additional app.

Humanization of the customer relationship in relation to an application or a website

Have a chatbot, you even tend to forget more easily that you are talking to a machine. The other day, I asked a question on the website of a bank, I was unable to say if it was a bot or a human!

Remember the history and context of the conversation

When you chat on Facebook Messenger, there is a history of your conversation, which saves time and keeps track of it. In case !

1 to 1 relationship with the brand

Rather than reading a FAQ, using a bot makes you feel closer to the business. Anyway, who still reads the FAQs?

Advantages for the company

Available 24/7

Having customer service available at all times is a real advantage over your competitors. No matter your industry or its size. When a future customer searches for a solution and finds it with you, via your chatbot, this is a huge advantage.

Humanization of customer relations

Despite the fact that we are chatting with a robot, it is more pleasant than reading a line of text on a vulgar FAQ of your website. Especially when your chatbot contains GIFs!

1 to 1 relationship with his client

By having a more intimate relationship with his client, he feels privileged, which inevitably improves your relationship.

Increase in the perceived quality of the service

Having a chatbot to offer an additional service, like some bots that offer style advice, increases the value of your service perceived by the consumer. And they will be more likely to come back to you next time, or even order directly.

Better economic efficiency

The cost of setting up a chatbot varies greatly depending on its use. So it can be completely free, or cost several thousand euros. Only, even if you have to invest a large sum, it will quickly pay for itself. Not only do you not have to pay him a salary, but you can also direct your attention to the growth of your business. And your service personnel will be able to focus on issues other than, “Is there gluten in your cookies?” »…

Enriching customer knowledge

Via customer requests and complaints, you can get to know your consumers better. This improves your service and the offers you offer.

Save time by automating actions (Questions, actions, services…)

If you have to answer all of the customer’s questions, while 90% of them are in your FAQ, you’re wasting a lot of time. Being able to automate these kinds of questions therefore allows you to be more productive.

Optimization of the conversion rate

When a future client asks a question, he will not necessarily take his phone to call you, or even send an email while waiting for a more or less rapid response. The chatbot therefore increases the conversion rate by directly answering a specific question from the prospect, thus facilitating its decision-making.