One answer would be automation. Large companies have at one time or another been able to automate part of their services in order to focus on the essentials. And today, social media can greatly automate your business. In particular, you can use a feature that will best help your customers: the chatbot …

Using the chatbot is becoming more and more necessary. Consumers like to have quick answers to their questions, without having to wait in a queue or wait on the phone for hours (I’m barely exaggerating!). This technology therefore improves customer relations while having a relatively low cost for the company. In this article, you will discover the importance of using it, but also how you can make it 10 times more effective with GIFs.

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What is the point of having a chatbot?

If you haven’t used these little robots yet, let me show you their many benefits.

Advantages for the user

Making full use of the power of chatbots allows the user to have access to all the answers to their questions at a record rate, by automating some of your services.

24/7 customer service

What could be nicer than being able to contact Air England at 2 am for example for a vital question of style: “Can I put my external batteries in the hold?” ” The bot responds within a minute, without having to look for information in the FAQ or call the company.

Natural language interaction, or almost

Some bots are smarter than others because some bots are not yet able to understand a sentence. They are called linear chatbot. They offer questions with predefined answers. Others, on the other hand, understand very well the sentences that are written to them, like that of Air England to use the example.

Accessible where the user is

Whether you are in bed, on the subway, or on vacation in Hawaii, you can always contact the company, either on its official website or on social media. And the little extra is that we don’t need to download an additional app.

Humanization of the customer relationship in relation to an application or a website

Have a chatbot, you even tend to forget more easily that you are talking to a machine. The other day, I asked a question on the website of a bank, I was unable to say if it was a bot or a human!

Remember the history and context of the conversation

When you chat on Facebook Messenger, there is a history of your conversation, which saves time and keeps track of it. In case !

1 to 1 relationship with the brand

Rather than reading a FAQ, using a bot makes you feel closer to the business. Anyway, who still reads the FAQs?

Advantages for the company

Available 24/7

Having customer service available at all times is a real advantage over your competitors. No matter your industry or its size. When a future customer searches for a solution and finds it with you, via your chatbot, this is a huge advantage.

Humanization of customer relations

Despite the fact that we are chatting with a robot, it is more pleasant than reading a line of text on a vulgar FAQ of your website. Especially when your chatbot contains GIFs!

1 to 1 relationship with his client

By having a more intimate relationship with his client, he feels privileged, which inevitably improves your relationship.

Increase in the perceived quality of the service

Having a chatbot to offer an additional service, like some bots that offer style advice, increases the value of your service perceived by the consumer. And they will be more likely to come back to you next time, or even order directly.

Better economic efficiency

The cost of setting up a chatbot varies greatly depending on its use. So it can be completely free, or cost several thousand euros. Only, even if you have to invest a large sum, it will quickly pay for itself. Not only do you not have to pay him a salary, but you can also direct your attention to the growth of your business. And your service personnel will be able to focus on issues other than, “Is there gluten in your cookies?” »…

Enriching customer knowledge

Via customer requests and complaints, you can get to know your consumers better. This improves your service and the offers you offer.

Save time by automating actions (Questions, actions, services…)

If you have to answer all of the customer’s questions, while 90% of them are in your FAQ, you’re wasting a lot of time. Being able to automate these kinds of questions therefore allows you to be more productive.

Optimization of the conversion rate

When a future client asks a question, he will not necessarily take his phone to call you, or even send an email while waiting for a more or less rapid response. The chatbot therefore increases the conversion rate by directly answering a specific question from the prospect, thus facilitating its decision-making.>

At Facebook, we think everyone should be able to send a message to a brand and get an immediate response. And it should be as simple to talk to a brand and get an answer as if you were doing it to a friend – Mark Zuckerberg.

Today, there are many types of chatbots, from doctors to ordering food, from financial advisers to tour guides!

According to a study, 80% of companies will use chatbots in 2020, so why not you?

Why use GIFs in your chatbot?

We all try to have fun, and we try to do it more and more quickly. So when it comes to contacting customer service, we tend to go backwards because we know it’s going to be long and boring.

“Please wait, we will take your call!” [….] Sorry, all our advisers are busy at the moment, please renew your call. ”

We all spent long minutes on the phone waiting for someone to answer us, all to have a person who speaks our language poorly and does not understand exactly what we are trying to say! As a result, we leave with a bad experience, which affects the image of the brand’s customer service.

The transformation of the customer relationship is underway, driven by new expectations and uses. And so, to meet these challenges, it is inevitable to have to automate part of its customer service. However, kill two birds with one stone and improve your brand experience and image at the same time. That’s why I recommend using GIFs in your chatbot.

Motion pictures keep the user entertained, while enhancing your brand image and providing relevant and fast information.

The consumer will therefore be more inclined to come back to you, or even to talk about his customer experience around him.

In fact, some brands like Burberry are already using GIFs to improve the shopping experience. And important point to note, it is a luxury brand. -

As a business, you need to think about how to automate and improve your customer service so that it always meets user expectations. Whether before, during and after the purchase.

Thus, the use of GIFs in a chatbot allows to:


GIFs are great to use in a chatbot because they immediately grab attention. To give you an example that speaks to everyone: scroll your screen to your preferred network, and notice what catches your eye. Most of the time it will be moving pictures or videos. Therefore, if you manage to capture the user’s attention within the first few seconds, chances are they will continue to discover it!

Give a feeling of novelty

Today, people are eager for new things, as soon as something brings a wave of freshness, people are fond of it! And since the GIFs on chatbots are not yet used so much, this is a boon for you to jump on the occasion!

Make you want to discover more

When the content is fun, people want to stay and find out what’s going to happen. Like I said, people need to be entertained and are constantly looking for a way to quench this thirst! To convince yourself, take a look at the number of subscribers to humorous channels and compare them with those for educational purposes! Who has never watched a cat video to the end, to find out what would happen next ?!

Improve the visual

A conversation with a bot, containing only text, is far too serious. Understand: boring to die! Adding GIFs or emoticons can break this monotony, which makes the chatbot more friendly. Whatever your field of activity, there is always a way to add a touch of humor and attractive visuals.

Increase your conversion rates

The increase in conversion rate is a consequence of the points mentioned above. If you caught the prospect’s attention by entertaining him and the prospect stayed until the end of the chatbot, why wouldn’t he give you these details to get a bonus gift? Especially if you brought him a lot of value in this short exchange.

The example of Michel Tremblay

I came across his bot by chance, and it contained GIFs. That immediately made him more fun, despite the fact that we had to answer questions that weren’t necessarily.

So, not only was I at the end of the questionnaire, but I also left my email address to collect a gift!

A powerful and concrete example that allows the use of GIFs in your chatbot! Honestly without them, I don’t think I would have been this far.

GIFs are there for one reason only: to entertain and keep the prospect’s attention to avoid losing him.

So think about it! Do you want to risk losing a customer because your chatbot was too boring, or do you want to put the odds on your side?

Now, using Gifs in a chatbot is not the only possible use. I invite you to discover the 5 insane uses of GIFs in marketing. These may surprise you with their effectiveness.

Now, let’s move on to a little bonus: how to improve the efficiency of your chatbot, in addition to using GIFs.

How to make a chatbot more attractive?

Here are some tips to make your chatbot more attractive in order to increase its conversion rates.

I think you get it, GIFs are something you shouldn’t overlook. Now, just because you put it in your chatbot, it will instantly become bewitching! Like all, the abuse of GIFs is dangerous for the health… of your chatbot. Put yourself in the prospect’s place, let him breathe, don’t choke him!

Then a short catchphrase, preferably funny, sets the tone. This suggests that if we continue, we will have a good time.

Be natural and consistent with your branding. If you are used to using a light and offbeat tone, send it back to your chatbot. In other words, don’t get too serious on the pretext that it’s customer service.

Make short answers. The shorter the sentences, the longer your customers will stay. As soon as they start to get bored, you can be sure that they will press the little cross. It’s not good for business, that little cross. So try to get to the point by removing all the superfluous.

In the same line, avoid proposing a dozen different answers. You can suggest one or two, it will be more than enough. Also, don’t give the prospect choices that are too difficult to make, they should relax and not be stressed about making a radical choice.

And finally, the icing on the cake, try adding a touch of humor. Everyone appreciates humor. Our ancestors used to have fun watching one gladiator get pierced by another, and now people love to be entertained on the screens. Two very different worlds. If you can make your chatbot hilarious, whether through sentences or GIFs, you will inevitably be more powerful than your competitors. You’ll also be able to grab the attention of your customer, who will remember your brand as the one who entertained them.

Now move on to the final phase of this chatbots guide.

Give what people want

In order to improve your chatbot in the best possible way, it is necessary to take certain information into account. Your chatbot will rather be intended for a young clientele, below 30 years of age. And these want to have a completely different exchange with brands and companies than older people. They are two different generations, with very different requirements.

Then it also adapts to the area of ​​your business. Obviously, if you sell walkers or dentures, you will mostly have a fresher clientele.

More brand accessibility

First, people under the age of 30 want to be able to speak to the brand as quickly as possible, with minimal friction and effort. Chatbots are therefore perfectly suited to this growing demand. Being in this age range, I much prefer chatting with a bot, rather than contacting customer service over the phone. In the first case, I would have a quick response, without even having to waste my time with saturated elevator music.

In addition, people like availability and freedom.

The availability

Generally, we don’t want to queue in a waiting girl or wait on the phone for minutes that seem endless. When we have a question, as long as the answer is available as soon as possible. To take the example of the request to Air England concerning external batteries, if I had had to call Air England, it would have cooled me down. There it was simple and quick.


Ubiquity is about wanting the brand to be where I spend the most time. Therefore, being present on all channels and especially on those that the user uses is essential. Thus, he will have the answer to his questions very quickly on a platform that he appreciates.

Conversely, if he has to change social networks to go to one he likes less, the customer experience will necessarily be negatively impacted.

The gratitude

Having the need to be recognized and considered by the brand is more important than you imagine. Finding that the brand does everything to satisfy us represents a gesture that touches us deep inside. Therefore, we will be more likely to repeat a purchase from them.

To give a concrete example, Amazon’s customer service is particularly efficient, so even though I can find some cheaper products elsewhere, I still shop on their platform. I know very well that if I have a problem, they will find a solution quickly.


Instantaneity is also a point that young people want today. It’s the brand’s ability to respond quickly, with no waiting time. And that’s exactly what chatbots are for. Immediate answers to our questions.


As a consumer, you can’t stand being wired between several services to get an answer (when you get one!). How many times have you tried to contact customer service and been dragged from left to right? “Oh no sir, we don’t take care of that in this department … I’ll pass you my colleague. ”

In terms of the context of our request, it is also important not to be forced to explain each time who we are, why we call and what we expect as a service or response. Bots keep your data in memory, so they know who you are, and sometimes even what you bought as a service. This is to avoid wasting time with phrases like, “So what’s your order number? What about your phone number? Your address ? ”


We increasingly want to have a personalized relationship. Chatbots, even the most basic, already have access to some of our personal information, such as our first name or some data that has been communicated to them in the past. This allows them to offer us complementary services and items with our tastes. While calling us by our first name, which represents an undeniable advantage. And beyond that, personalization can also be visual, by incorporating for example GIFs that make everything more lively and enjoyable!


We also want greater transparency from a company. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the opportunity to know what they do with our information. Now, one does not have to be born from the last rain to know that they are using it to increase their turnover. We all do! However, knowing that our information will not be sold to third parties is appreciated. What could be more annoying than being harassed by phone or email because we left our contact information on a site that is not very respectful of its users?

Added value

Finally, this point is very important when choosing a brand. So it’s because I see added value from Amazon that I order from them. And for people who sell information, it’s the same thing. If I know that the person tends to offer bonuses or that they are easily reachable, that is the person I would turn to. Because I know I would get my money’s worth, and even more!

Okay, now is the time for a little conclusion, don’t you think?

To conclude…

We’ve seen a lot of things in this article that will help you improve the efficiency of your chatbot, or start building one.

Remember, this is available to everyone, and even if you’re a small entrepreneur who’s just starting out, you can use it. We also seriously invite you to use GIFs in the chatbot.

They make it much more lively, pleasant and humorous. If you can match what you write with the GIFs you use, the user will only be amused. To take an example from an expert, I invite you to watch this one by Michel Tremblay on Facebook. It is a quality chatbot which I really enjoyed discovering.

Regarding chatbots, if you’re not already using it in your marketing strategy, you better think about it quickly. They clearly improve customer service, by providing quick responses, accessible at any time and especially from anywhere. They make it possible to bring a real plus to your business, notably notably improving the image of your company.

To further explore this question, I invite you to watch the conference below on using the chatbot for your customer service or even for the automation of certain tasks. A wealth of knowledge gathered in one video 🙂

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