▷ Do you want to take a break from your podcast !? 2020 -

In life, it’s important to know how to listen to yourself, no matter when. Indeed, for your physical and mental health, you should know when it is time to take a break. Allow yourself time to think, among other things on your podcast, is an opportunity to catch your breath, reassess yourself and evolve…

Before taking a break…

Before stopping the production of your podcasting shows, it’s important to keep some details in mind to make sure everything goes well when you return. One of these very important details is your last episode.

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Indeed, your last podcast show will receive disproportionate attention compared to the other episodes. Why ? Because this is the episode that will stay at the top of your feed for the duration of your break, whether it is for two weeks or two months.

This is why this last episode before the holiday should be both excellent and representative of your shows as a whole. You have to make sure that this last episode before a while is a good indication of what new listeners can expect if they explore your previous shows, and what they can expect when you come back from your break with new episodes.

Podcasting is an audio medium based primarily on the loyalty and habit of your listeners. When you take a break from your podcast by stopping to publish programs, you always risk losing listeners who had integrated your podcasts into their habits.

That’s why it’s so important to have clear expectations about your break, that is, to make it clear how long you’re going to stop your activities and when you’ll be back with new shows.

To do this, you can decide either to speak at the start of your last podcast episode before your break with all the information relating to this holiday, or at the end of your program.

However, if you decide to say it only in your conclusion, be aware that the audience retention data from Apple and Spotify suggests that many listeners do not make it to the end of each episode. So you really have to convince your audience that there will be something big in the final.

Bonus episodes: the solution?

Another possible approach is to post a separate mini-episode update about your break. However, you must communicate all the details of this downtime and do your best to set realistic expectations for your return. If you say something, you have to make sure you keep your word.

You have to be careful with so-called “bonus” content. It can be tempting to start a special episode during your podcast break to “keep the feed fresh” and keep your listeners up to date.

However, this is not what is recommended to do, especially if it is not the same quality as your material in normal times, as was the case for the other episodes. If you decide to do it on the road with a different microphone than usual, your regular listeners will notice and this could have consequences for your official return.

There’s a huge difference between a computer’s microphone, one on headphones and one you buy from a store that specializes in this.

This is why when you leave everything has to be planned, but it is sometimes good to take time for yourself, especially when your body is sending you signs.

For your part, have you ever taken a break from your podcast or just taken time for yourself? Did you feel more energetic when you returned? This too should not be overlooked. Hope to read you as always!