▷ Does your business card meet these 5 criteria? 2020 -

Square, round, large, small, business cards are a staple in the world of business, networking and information exchange. Survivors of the digital wave, these little pieces of cardboard are still just as useful when you get into the habit of networking in physics. Unfortunately, it is also the festival of overly complicated cards that deviate from their original purpose: to provide contact details as simply as possible. Here is what seems to me to be important in a business card from a utility and graphic point of view …


Essentially text

Translation: avoid photos, visuals that weigh down your card and make it less readable. The person who uses it usually wants to contact you, nothing else. Do not take this opportunity to show all your graphic talent or to try to place one, or even several images.

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Your card is not a communication tool, but an information tool. Keep it simple, get to the point. You will have the pleasure of speaking about your profession in person or on the phone.

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Good quality, thick paper

A business card takes a lot of value in its physical nature.
It is an object that appeals to senses like touch. It is also a
object that will be used and damaged. She deserves all her attention
as for the paper and its quality.

Try to choose paper weighing at least 300g or more. It obviously depends on your profession, but generally, a grained and textured paper will always have a much better effect than a smooth or varnished paper. Believe me, a card makes a good impression first by its paper before anything else.

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A good visual hierarchy

A real work as a graphic designer, on such a small format. Think about the order in which a person will see the information: first the name of your company, then your name, your profession, then your contact details. It is a question of layout and typographic work. Structure as simple as possible an element as simple as the text to direct the reader’s gaze.

The key is contrast. You have to play on the contrasts of color, size and thickness of text to energize the content of a card and make it more natural to read.

No complicated effects

Hot printing, embossing, all these printing techniques allow you to achieve very beautiful effects and make very qualitative cards. But don’t forget the purpose of your card: it serves to inform, not necessarily to impress. If you are a wedding photographer, hot foil stamping with embossing will be very relevant. Much less if you sell organic baskets!


Original. Just a little bit.

The subtlety of working on a business card is to create a
memorable footprint with our contact. May it combine our
nobody with the card we just gave him. Stand out by its
business card is about subtleties, rather than visual effects

Remember, keep it simple and get to the point. Sometimes it is enough to break the codes to stand out a bit. A very simple card is already original in itself. Sometimes it’s the little touch of color, the little embossing visible when you pay attention to it that makes all the difference.

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