Have you embarked on the adventure of Dropshipping and your online store is not selling or not selling enough? Do you want to develop long-term turnover? Here are some ways to increase the growth of your Dropshipping store…

Before getting to the heart of the matter, know that you must have a clear positioning and sell in a Niche that offers real potential.

A real potential is a market where there is demand without facing increased competition.

Do not venture into Dropshipping head down, because you saw an advertisement that promised you results.

Go for it knowing that you’re going to have to work to be successful.

Develop the turnover of a Dropshipping shop

You have several growth levers available. We’ll take a look at the most used ones, but above all the ones that will help you increase your turnover.

The world of Dropshipping is often criticized by the media. And yet, this is a sector which, if used well, enables rapid revenue development without having to have physical stocks and worry about sending your products.


When you have a Dropshipping shop, you tend to go quickly to advertising.

Most of the time, people who engage in advertising without a strategy will quickly give up. Because not only will they have no results, but they will also spend a fortune.

It should not be forgotten that beyond advertising, there is SEO.

What could be better than receiving free organic traffic every day?

Referring your store will allow you to receive traffic from qualified people looking for the products you sell.

SEO is often put aside because it takes time, a lot of time, before you get meaningful results.

But the question to ask yourself is simple: do you prefer to get traffic constantly without spending 1 cent and perpetuate your shop in the long term, or get swallowed up by advertising and its constant need for huge budget to hope not to sell at a loss ?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t create advertising campaigns. I’m just explaining to you that there are growth levers that will help you maintain your store and its turnover.


There is a real fashion phenomenon that was born with influencers.

This phenomenon has existed for years with Bloggers and YouTubers. However, since the explosion of the social network Instagram and reality stars, the word “Influencer” has become more widespread.

Indeed, Instagram is widely used by e-merchants in Dropshipping who want to develop their sales quickly.

For that, they call upon an influencer in their thematic, and according to the community of this one, the ecommeriteur monnaye a publication either in Story or in publication of post, to promote his product.

It’s a way to quickly sell and accelerate your store’s growth. However, be careful with whom you put the partnership in place.

Paying an influencer does not guarantee you will boost your sales. You must choose your influencer well before launching a campaign.

Depending on the influencer community, you will either have to offer your product in exchange for a publication, or pay for the service for your product to be widely distributed to Followers.

The advertisement

Who has never seen trendy product advertisements in their Facebook news feed!

People who do Dropshipping mainly use the Facebook social network to create Facebook Ads campaigns and sell their product.

This is an excellent traffic lever, but you still need to have some knowledge so as not to be engulfed by campaigns that can cost you horribly expensive.

At first glance, it is tempting to put a few euros into a publicity campaign. But very quickly you will be disillusioned if you do not know a minimum of the metrics to monitor like your ROAS, CPC…

Also, don’t forget that there is more than just Facebook in life. You can also create an ad campaign on Google Ads, YouTube Ads.

Be careful though, because the approach is not the same depending on the platforms you will use.

On Facebook, your ideal client usually comes for entertainment. It’s up to you to be smart and take it to the purchase of your product.

On Google for example, the Internet user is more inclined to research a product. If it hits your site, it’s likely that your site is ready to buy it.

Adding value

You have sourced your product (s), you have your shop, you are ready to sell. So far that’s great, but basically what value do you bring by selling the same products as all of your competitors?

Ask yourself the right question:

What does my product bring and why would a customer come to buy from my store?

It is important to have a clear positioning. If you take the same product as your neighbor, then tell yourself that you are entering the same yard as everyone else.

You are just trying to take a piece of the cake.

Take a “longer term” vision, stand out and sublimate your products to make them unique.

No need to look very far, you can for example offer a user guide depending on what you sell.

Offer a detailed manual in French to give credibility to your product and show that you are concerned about the quality of use of it.

Your imagination will do the rest, but know that you absolutely must stand out from the rest if you want to develop your turnover with your store in Dropshipping.

I would like to conclude this chapter with a very powerful method which allows using Dropshipping as a lever.

Develop your brand

To develop your turnover and stand out from your competitors, you must create your brand.

This is also known as the Private Label (PL). You will bring your value to the product and stand out from it.

Of course, don’t just flock a product found on a Chinese sourcing site. Improve the product and be unique.

This allows you to offer different products from Marketplaces, but also to position yourself as the creator of your brand.

Developing your brand is something very specific not only on the specifications to follow, but it also means that you will have to store your products and ship them yourself.

This is another business model of e-commerce that is often established after having used a shop in Dropshipping and when one wishes to take a higher course in terms of turnover.

To go further, here is a complete guide which will explain the steps to create your e-commerce store in Dropshipping.