From Amazon to EBay, e-commerce leaders seem to have gotten the word out. They all opted for a functional UX Design, focused on an exhaustive product catalog and a foolproof logistics circuit. The quality of the selection and the speed of delivery appeal to Internet users, but leave little room for creativity.

However, the content marketing applied to e-commerce is not limited to writing product sheets. It can transform the user experience of any online shopping site.

Selling online through content marketing

E-commerce goes without points of sale, shiny shop windows, caring sellers, and dim light. But there is no branding going on. More than products, it’s the content that makes you sell.

An e-commerce platform can outline its content marketing strategy in a few steps:

  • discover its audience and its competitors;
  • set tailor-made goals;
  • choose its distribution channels.

But once the strategy is defined, the need will come to attract the attention of Internet users. Online shopping sites are rising to the challenge with creativity.

5 ideas from content marketing that awaken e-commerce

If you don’t know where to start, or how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, study the content marketing campaigns that make a difference for e-commerce platforms.

Reinventing the e-commerce product sheet

The product sheet is the basis of online sales. The most minimalist e-commerce site cannot avoid describing its products to its future customers. And to close the sale, he must go further.

This is what the American clothing brand does business casual J Crew. Its brand image combines a timeless look, quality products, and a comfortable customer experience. In his extension, J Crew is distinguished by product sheets both comprehensive and personalized

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Favor a email marketing with impactful content

Why do all e-commerce platforms practiceemail marketing ? Because it works – and it’s Neil Patel, the content marketing guru, who says it.

Admittedly, this is not the first entry into the sales tunnel. But the new tools marketing automation who take care of welcome emails, promotions, reminders of abandoned baskets, or recommendations based on previous purchases have increased the ROI of content marketing.

Special mention to Birchbox, a beauty box on monthly subscription, which goes so far as to invent reasons to interact with its customers by claiming to have forgotten to add something in the last package.

We forgot something in February’s box!

Frankly, who would delete an email with such a subject?

Become a reference in its sector thanks to a blog

Theinbound marketing works great for online shopping sites. We always prefer to buy from an expert; and a blog remains the option content marketing the most effective way to enhance business expertise.

This is why the online florist Proflowers has an impressive online encyclopedia, which lists 151 species of flowers.

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Content marketing is also a good way to explore branding and build a community around products. The ideal remains to offer content that combines advice given to users products, with the lifestyle associated with the brand.

The snowboarding accessories brand Snowboard Addiction is illustrated by the highly educational nature of its e-commerce platform. At first glance, it looks like reading a blog for enthusiasts, even a snowboarding training site.

In the street, on our screens, and in your basket:
snowboarding is no longer limited to winter sports

Put yourself in the place of your audience

The success of an e-commerce model stems from its ability to put itself in the customer’s place. At no point in the sales cycle is knowledge of the customer persona as decisive as when choosing a positioning content marketing.

It was by putting herself in the shoes of her clients that Sephora developed a chave interactive content and are directly at the service of sales. The Sephora Virtual Artist app turns any user into make-up artist, and allows him to test the products without setting foot in a store. All they need to do is order the products they like most directly online – make-up removal less.

This type of interactive content marketing increases the duration of visits to an e-commerce platform by 47%.

Exceed customer opinion through influencer marketing

No e-commerce platform can do without a “Customer Reviews” tab. Why ? Because internet users trust their peers above all when it comes to assessing the quality of a product or service.

The influencers are at the crossroads of customer experience and expert advice to recommend the best products in their sector. Informed users and respected connoisseurs, they can become the privileged partners of online sales sites.

Together influencers and brands become customer experience creators ! This is for example the bet of Bruno Maltor, the pen (and the camera) behind the famous blog Your Tour of the World, which has more than 2 million page views since its creation in 2012. It regularly provides a showcase for brands during of a recurring IRL event: Le Verre du Voyageur. And its operation Le Meilleur Stage du Monde reached almost 43 million people, and boosted sales as the employer brand of the Accor Hotels group.

Between authentic local experience and collaborations with multinationals: only the best influencers manage to guarantee the coherence of their audience

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