D-5 before the start of Black Friday. The consumerist world that we are is breathing heavily while waiting for this new commercial meeting. Last year you passed your turn, but this year your colleagues, certainly all very attentive, suggested you to participate and we all know the weight of the recommendations of those around us?. So are you going to take the plunge?

What is the impact of Black Friday on e-commerce?

According to LSA 2017 figures, the number of sales increased by 30% in 2017 compared to 2016 and the turnover by 33%.

And for this 2018 edition, the forecasts are even more attractive with more 5.7 billion euros of expected spending, according to the Center for retail research, which represents an increase of 5.9% compared to 2017.

E-merchants will be doing well with ” 87% of participants who intend to shop online, compared to 47% in stores ”, according to a Médiamétrie survey carried out in October 2018 on 3,710 internet users.

Should you participate in Black Friday 2018?

Should a winemaker in Beaujolais participate in Beaujolais Nouveau ceremonies?

The question is of the same order …

If you have products in the fashion, high-tech, shoes, household appliances or beauty, it is a safe bet that you will benefit from this event acclaimed by the French.

If your clients are between 18 and 34 years old, then you are also in their shooting range for Black Friday!

Beyond the commercial operation and the sales made, Black Friday is also a opportunity to communicate on your brand and your products. Make the most of it.

Talk about it on your site by teasing, set up a countdown, post on social networks, send an e-mail to your database. Just as many actions that will generate traffic on D-Day. It will then only remain at convert with a functional site (pay attention to performance in the case of an increase in visitors), clear product pages and “catchy” offers.

Should you NOT participate in Black Friday 2018?

Some brands are boycotting Black Friday. This was the case last year, for example, for Maisons Du Monde.

If your products are not subject to seasonality or “impulse shopping”, that Christmas sales are not a priority for your business, perhaps Black Friday is not critical for your business.

However, take the opportunity to boost your communication and visibility. Create an offbeat communication and exploit the event in reverse on social networks.

This is how the Slow Food movement was born, for example.

What if you go there?

  1. Make sure with your IT service provider that your site will support a possible load increase;
  2. Make sure you have the stocks required – even with attractive price offers, your customers will expect impeccable service and you would be frustrated to miss sales;
  3. Optimize your logistics so as not to extend delivery times;
  4. The event is short. Monitor your sales and adjust your selection accordingly.

From Black Friday, we switched to Cyber ​​Monday, the Monday following the Black Friday weekend. And then private sales, and then Single Day, and then….

Long gone are the days when we had 2 enchanting sales periods in the year.

Magic has given way to efficiency so beyond this flagship event, continually work on your content, your SEO, your product offer and your competitive advantages because they are the ones who will enhance your brand in the long term…

Happy Black Friday to all (or not…)