Amazon dominates the e-commerce industry and impresses with its figures: 356 billion dollars in turnover with a world market share of around 43%, it is also the most consulted e-commerce site in England with 30.9 million unique visitors per month …


How to explain the success of Amazon? There are many factors that have made this behemoth what it is. But one of the keys is his high-quality customer experience, which has set new standards in the e-commerce industry. This is the subject of new e-commerce guide “Innovate like Amazon”, published by Trustpilot, to help e-merchants take an Amazon-inspired approach and boost revenue.

Amazon proves it every day: the customer experience is the ingredient of success in e-commerce

Today, brands can no longer just rely on a quality product with innovative features to sell. They will also need to focus on a frictionless shopping experience to differentiate themselves from the competition. What means must e-merchants put in place to make the customer experience a lever as efficient as that of Amazon? And what is an innovative customer experience?

This Amazon e-commerce guide takes a closer look at the customer experience issue and provides valuable tips for implementing a strategy modeled on the Amazon model.

Optimized customer experience: personalization to build lasting relationships and retain customers

It’s no secret that customer relationships are the cornerstone of success in business and e-commerce. It’s for this reason that Amazon has made it its priority. Indeed, its entire digital strategy has focused on consumer satisfaction. It’s also said that Amazon is “customer centric“, That is, a company with a customer-centric approach.

This strategy manifests itself, for example, by personalizing the customer journey: as soon as the customer arrives on the home page, he will discover offers displayed according to his preferences, his previous purchases, or even his latest products viewed … with the benefit of a stronger engagement, and ultimately a higher conversion rate.

This guide teaches us that it is essential to study customer behavior in order to decipher their habits, and therefore offer them a personalized, innovative and effective experience using AI. All the behavioral data collected will allow you to better understand the profile of your customers, and will fuel your personalization engine.

The guide explains precisely what are the alternative solutions for any company that wishes to set up a personalization engine, without having an army of engineers or colossal budgets.

Customer opinion, a valuable asset for better knowing your customers and increasing their conversion rate

The guide also highlights the role of customer reviews for a winning e-commerce strategy. Indeed, it is interesting to measure customer satisfaction throughout its user journey, in order to detect signs of dissatisfaction, as Amazon does with its customers. Collecting customer reviews, in addition to being an effective means of knowing consumer expectations, will allow you to optimize your product or service offer, and will generate content with high added value for your website.

The consumer has power: he writes a review and assigns a rating summarizing the quality of a product or service, which constitutes social proof that influences the choice of other consumers. When you know that 88% of consumers consult reviews before a purchase, it is important to collect these testimonials, and also to display them throughout the customer journey.

This new e-commerce guide, available for download, deciphers the Amazon customer journey, and gives you practical advice and the actions to be implemented to offer a unique customer experience to your buyers.

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Article written in collaboration with Truspilot