How is your sales tunnel doing? If you are wondering how to increase the number of visitors who order, the answer is boost your sales tunnel…

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These are the steps in the sales tunnel, in order, starting from the home page.

Arouse interest or curiosity – very very quickly

Sales stage: Generate interest

How much time do you think you have to arouse the interest or curiosity of your visitor?

About the second following the appearance of the first elements of your site, hence the importance of pampering all the elements above the waterline (visible elements without the need to scroll down). These are the elements that will make the difference in making the visitor stay or flee.

Tips: Check your bounce rate, if it is too high, rework this step.

The rate (and time) of attention being very limited, favor a single objective, a single message to convey, you decide the message, for example:

  • We are the least expensive ;
  • We have the best products;
  • We have THIS product;
  • The ranges offered;
  • Etc.

Tips: Define your visitor / customer persona precisely to determine what has the most influence on them.

Find his research center

Sales stage: Identify the need

The first 3 seconds have passed and the visitor is still there?

Owl !

Now you have to quickly define your center of interest and research. The quicker we will be to define the type of products we are looking for, the more time we will have to offer him different products (we assume that the visit time on your site is however limited no matter what he consults ).

Tips: Analyze the behavior flow of Google Analytics, if visitors do not pass enough from their landing page to a category page, you miss their search center.

The objective being to get the visitor to the right product page and as quickly as possible, several solutions are possible:

Highlight categories

The advantage:

  • The funnel starts wide and the risk of error is low.

The inconvenients :

  • An additional step (minimizing the number of clicks remains essential);
  • The risk of having to bring the visitor to a sub-category to refine his search (one more click);
  • Depending on the number of products, the risk that the product sought is not in first position on the category page, or worse, on the second page;
  • The category page is rarely graphically worked, which does not help your brand image.

Tips: Rethinking your categories can help you maximize the potential of your sales channel. Example: Reclassify your products by age group rather than by type of product (one does not prevent the other …).

Highlight the tops produced

Advantages :

  • Obtain an ultra-shortened sales tunnel;
  • Respond to a specific request;
  • Generate interest in a specific offer that you can control.

The inconvenients :

  • Risk of missing out on need;
  • Highlights limited to the space available (an offer drowned out among so many others is no longer of interest).

Tips: If you decide to highlight some products, choose the Top of the top. Do not choose what you want to sell, but rather what will sell best.

Highlight the search bar or a filter

You do not have to offer products or categories directly.

Think about highlighting your search engine (if it is efficient enough / relevant) or using filter modules that allow you to refine your search quickly and efficiently. Example of Prestashop module like this: Advance Search 4

Inspire confidence

Sales stage: Introduce yourself to reassure and build confidence

To prove throughout the visit, the visitor must feel your seriousness, he must recognize you as a professional in the field and if possible as an expert and / or reference.

This can be done in 1001 different ways through:

  • The graphics;
  • Precision of details;
  • The presentation ;
  • The testimonies;
  • The technology used (indirectly this affects what the visitor feels, for example: the speed of display, the quality of the transitions, etc.);
  • Etc.

Tips: The graphic update of your template (what your site looks like) has a huge impact on your brand image.

Provide an answer if necessary

Sales stage: Argumentation and response to need

The visitor is now on a product page.

The product sheet is often overlooked in its design.

Rarely personalized, it resembles all the other product sheets found on sites created with prestashop, woocommerce, etc.

However, you could use its design, the location of its different elements to convince the visitor by respecting the different stages of argument.

Tips: Don’t be satisfied with the usual simple description, put your product in context, talk about its use and its advantages.

Depending on the products you sell, your buyers arrive on your site in a certain mentality, try to define it to respond to it. Your description should not be the same if your visitors:

  • Are looking for a specific product;
  • Seek to meet a specific need;
  • Buy this type of product for pleasure / compulsion;
  • Look for this product out of necessity;
  • Must use it daily or as a gadget;
  • Etc.

Tips: Take outside advice. You have your nose on your site every day and you no longer have any objectivity …

Raise the pressure, increase the urge

Sale stage: Increase the peak of interest

Ok, the visitor understood that the product they are looking at meets their needs.

But it may not be enough to order it. We will have to raise it to its peak of interest.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

Mark your products.

Take the Apple example. Master of his field, Apple manages to put forward selling points that are not even there… and yet, each of them, put end to end raise interest, to the point of arousing enough for the ‘we are interested in the “Order” button.

Beyond the selling points, the simplest levers to implement are:

Tip: The best way to create the peak of interest is to make the visitor imagine that he is already in possession of the product.

Reassure and put an end to doubts

Sale stage: Remove doubts

On the web, the risk of buying online on a little known site (and by that I mean that is not Amazon for example) is always present. Late delivery, poor after-sales service, no receipt of the product, error on the products received …

To buy, the visitor must feel perfectly reassured concerning these various points at least:

  • The tariff;
  • Delivery (costs, method, deadlines);
  • After-sales service (contact details, team, no risk of going unanswered);
  • Possible returns;
  • Guarantees (both for the site and for the product).

Tip: By setting up a commercial service or service chat, the visitor will have the impression of having a contact person who can be contacted directly if they need to.

Lock the control tunnel

Sale Stage: Lock Sale

In this step, the best is to block the visitor in the command tunnel, said like that, it’s ugly. And it is.

After the basket stage, the ideal is to minimize the exit doors of the visitor in full order.

Any distraction at this moment could make him get out of his desire to order this product for the benefit of another, thus creating doubt (and presto, the order is missed).

Tip: Do not hesitate to suppress the display of the menu and to modify the footer of the site during the ordering process to leave only the “Next step” and “Back” buttons.

Add a targeted product

Sale stage: complementary sale

Optional step, now is a good time to add a complementary product.

Please note, this complementary product must be perfectly adapted to the product currently on order. If it is an equivalent product which would allow a comparison with the product on order, you risk compromising the sale.

Tip: Do not be greedy on complementary products. Better try to sell an inexpensive, but well-targeted accessory product.

Make payment easier

Selling step: It is not a selling step, but it makes sense 🙂

Make payment easier! Avoid the interfaces of banks dating from 1995, use the best payment platforms of today and tomorrow and increase the choice of payments as much as possible (CB, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, etc.).

Tip: Don’t hesitate to show how secure your payment methods are. This step is commonplace, but remains sensitive.

Tip 2: Even if the best payment services take a large commission on your sales, see this as a business investment if it can help you close a few more orders …

Congratulate and Reassure! (again)

Yes, we are on the web, your customer always has the means to withdraw.

So think of reassuring him:

  • Taking into account the payment and the order;
  • Sending a reassuring summary email;
  • Reminder of processing / dispatch times;
  • Etc.

And to congratulate her:

  • On the choice of its products;
  • On his order (quite simply);
  • On the choice of your site (indirectly, do not throw flowers either).

It may sound silly to you, but many people are afraid of making the wrong choice, congratulating them, reassuring them and helping them think they have made the right choice.

Tip: With this step, you will not only reduce the cancellation rate, but also start the relationship and retain, plan for the future.

Until the next order …

The continuous sales tunnel after the sale:

  • Consider improving the order tracking as much as possible;
  • Ask for a return on the products ordered;
  • Ask for feedback and look for improvement points;
  • Build customer loyalty by communicating regularly;
  • Refresh your landing pages to encourage visitor feedback;
  • Relaunch your old customers (create a special communication for customers who have not ordered for a long time).

Boost your sales tunnel – now!

Boosting your sales tunnel is as simple as it is complex. Anyway, remember to lock each step, going back in the sales tunnel is never good news …

In summary, the steps are:

  1. Arouse curiosity or interest immediately;
  2. Qualify your search as soon as possible;
  3. Inspire confidence;
  4. Prove the usefulness and qualities of your products;
  5. Arouse the envy and imagination of the visitor;
  6. Prove to him that there is no risk in ordering;
  7. Minimize possible interactions after the basket;
  8. Offer a very complementary product;
  9. Facilitate payment;
  10. Praise and reassure him on his choices;
  11. Follow his order and start loyalty.

And remember that you must be constantly improving these 4 steps:

  1. Acquisition of visitors;
  2. Transformation into customers;
  3. Customer loyalty ;
  4. Improvement of management processes.

Ready to boost your e-commerce sales tunnel? It’s your turn !

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