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On a daily basis, you make many efforts to improve your online store: creating new product sheets, adding visuals, writing content on your blog, emailing campaigns, referencing, partnerships, etc. However, on average less than 2% of Internet users who visit your site will finalize a purchase, while the majority will leave your site for different reasons … Did you know that there are tips and best practices to retain your Internet users and thus increase your sales?

Wednesday 30/10 at 11am, don’t miss this 100% e-commerce webinar, organized by Trustpilot, who will introduce you to the different techniques, with supporting examples, and allow you to boost your turnover and your conversion rate. To register for the webinar: click here.

The customer journey: the key to increasing online sales

Have you heard of the customer journey? This topic has been discussed so much that it still deserves a simple definition. In e-commerce, when we talk about the customer journey, we first target all the actions that an internet user performs from the first product searches to the validation of his order. Concretely, the fact of browsing the product categories, using the internal search engine, adding a product to the basket, entering delivery and billing information … are all points of friction that can slow the internet user in its intention to purchase.

For merchant sites, which sometimes invest significant sums to attract online traffic (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TV advertising, etc.), it is essential to dwell on the subject to optimize the whole process. Indeed, it suffices to improve the conversion rate, such as going from 1 to 2%, to see its turnover double without spending more on advertising or marketing.

During this webinar, you will discover how the major players in e-commerce are doing to optimize their customer journey and increase their conversion rate. Register now for the webinar to know more.

Do not miss this webinar “E-commerce & customer journey” on Wednesday 30/10 at 11am

During this webinar entitled “E-commerce: optimizing the customer journey to boost sales”, you will discover:

  • How to optimize the purchase tunnel on your e-commerce site?
  • What tricks to fight against cart abandonment and bounce / exit rate?
  • The concept of social proof: how to take advantage of it to increase the conversion rate?

If you are not available on 10/30 at 11:00 am, you can still register to receive the replay on demand immediately after the webinar broadcast.


Article written in collaboration with Truspilot