As you know, marketing influence is an excellent lever to work on your reputation while developing your turnover. When we talk about this type of campaign, we often think of influencers with thousands or even millions of subscribers. But marketing influence is not just that, micro / nano-influencers can also be a significant growth driver with sometimes higher ROI. Decryption with Reetags, a platform to take advantage of these…

What is a
micro-influencer / nano-influencer?

Micro-influencers and
nano-influencers are personalities on social networks with a number
significant subscribers but without having a community as developed as
classic influencers.

There is no preset scale,
but generally a micro-influencer is going to have a community between 5,000 and 50,000
subscribers while nano-influencers will be below 5,000.

What matters here is not
necessarily the number of subscribers but the commitment of these people with their

This can be passionate about a
subject or even “sir” and “madam” all
world who share their daily lives.

Communities are smaller
but the commitment observed on the latter is greater than what we observe
on the biggest influencers.

Today, every internet user can
be influential on their own scale and influence the choices of their community.

The advantages of being present
on the accounts of these influencers

The main advantages are:

  • You reach more active and engaged communities;
  • Communication is much more authentic, Internet users can
    more easily identify with this type of influencer than celebrities with
    several million followers;
  • Your brand image is worked on much more
  • The costs are much more affordable and the ROI often more
    Student. Even VSEs can benefit from this marketing lever.

But beware, we are not going to manage
a micro / nano influence campaign as we manage an influence campaign
classic marketing.

Working with
accounts with fewer subscribers will ask, therefore, to work with a more
large number of influencers to achieve communication goals.

Which will require much more
management, and this is where a platform like Reetags will allow
to really leverage the power of these influencers quite often
underrated by brands!

Reetags a platform
connecting nano-influencers and micro-influencers with brands

Reetags defines itself as the platform that connects influential and creative consumers with brands. They are not interested in the best known influencers but in nano and micro-influencers.

They will be able to register on the platform, create virtual shops and be paid according to the number of clicks generated. For these influencers, it’s a good way to showcase the brands they love while being paid for their work.


Conversely, for e-merchants
and brands in general, the platform will make it possible to work very
easily with thousands of influencers without having to worry about the

Reetags wants to be like a network
social connecting influencers and brands. Through the tool,
these can:

  • Obtain customer recommendations;
  • Create test partnerships
    products or other;
  • Remunerate influencers;
  • Have marketing tools to develop
    their marketing influence., Run, Amazon Prime
Music or L’Oréal Paris have already bet to bet on
micro-influence with Reetags, a sign that the results are indeed at
Appointment !

Reetags takes care of everything, if you want to launch a campaign of this type, their marketing influence consultants support you in all stages of your campaign. Take a look at their site and don’t hesitate to contact them.

In this article, we met Momen Ferrah from Reetags to ask her a few questions about this phenomenon.

Interview Momen Ferrah, CEO
at Reetags

Hello Momen, can you
present, what are you doing at Reetags?

I am
Momen Ferrah, CEO of Reetags. I’ve been in the influence business for
several years now, specialist in mega and macro influence.

With the
development of consumer digitalization we have observed
the impact of micro and nano influence in marketing.

Can you
share with us the results of a successful campaign? What are
best practices to succeed with this type of campaign?

The creation of a campaign for the Buzzao Marketplace, with 800 nano influencers with an average of 1,450 subscribers, with a cumulative total of 1,160,000 subscribers.

It is necessary
know that the engagement rate of a nano influencer is 15% on average
(due to the proximity to its community, mainly family, friends and the
close circle).

this campaign we were able to reach 174,000 subscribers for € 3,200, a blow
per display of € 0.018.

For a
similar campaign with a single mega influencer with 1 million subscribers (they
generally have an engagement rate that does not exceed 2.5%) or 25,000
subscribers affected, we would have spent € 8,000, which represents one hit per
display of € 0.32.

He … not
not only focus on the number of subscribers but promote the rate

If you had
3 tips to give to a brand that wants to get started, what
Would they?

The nano
influence boosts word of mouth and brings you closer to your
consumers, in a world where codes change regularly, be close to your consumers and
their expectations.

It is necessary
keep in mind that no one influences you more than your relatives and friends,
they guarantee a qualified and reliable recommendation.

To have
an innovative strategy with its “client-influencers” allows you
to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

You can find more
information about Reetags on their site.

Article written in collaboration with Reetags

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