Billing, like accounting and other administrative administrative matters, is often seen as a waste of time. An obligation that puts the most important part of a business activity in the background: Finding customers!

Billing software today represents a huge gain in productivity, especially at the scale of very small businesses. Formerly available only with downloadable accounting software, drowned in a multitude of functionalities of which small businesses used only a tiny part, the invoicing part is now simplified with the arrival of online invoicing software. Often dedicated to very small businesses, these offer the possibility of creating invoices online with ease, following their regulations, or even making reminders. The most developed software offers to link invoices to accounting. Overall, the software remains simple, focused around creating invoices, and offers more flexibility.

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Up to 7h won every week

A recent study * commissioned by Zervant (online billing software) and conducted by GetData (online survey platform) reveals the usefulness of this software. When asked “How many hours do you estimate you will save per week using software for your billing”, 14% of software users say they earn more than 7 hours per week. A large majority of respondents report earning up to 2 hours per week, and the remainder between 3 and 6 hours. Imagine what you can do with all this time!


36% of entrepreneurs still do not use software for billing

The study also shows that more than a third of entrepreneurs do not use software for their invoicing. The survey does not give the reasons for these entrepreneurs but one can imagine that the lack of means can be part of it. A reasoning damage considering the time saved thanks to these software compared to their cost (most software offering licenses around 10 € per month). The lack of awareness of these solutions can also be part of it.


How to save time concretely

  1. Customer and product database:By offering the possibility of managing a customer and product database, invoicing software makes it possible to automate the creation of invoices and to avoid constantly rewriting the name of customers, description of products, payment terms, etc., or to copy and paste them somewhere (as can be the case with Excel for example).
  2. No loss of invoices:Your invoices are stored in the Cloud and easily classifiable (by customer, by date, by amount, etc.), which saves you the time spent searching in which file you had classified such or such invoice.
  3. Automatic late payment reminders: Don’t be overwhelmed by late payments. You are notified when an invoice is late in payment and with certain software you can send reminders with one click.
  4. Transformation of quotes into invoices:Once your quotes have been validated, send them as invoices in one click.
  5. Accounting bonus:Some software like Zervant even allows you to automate the entry of invoices in accounting once collected! The chosen cash account is credited, the sales account and the VAT account collected are credited … No need to be an accountant!

Try a software

So if you manage a VSE, try it for yourself. Most software offers a free, no-obligation trial period.

Zervant even offers you an additional free month with the promo code WEBMKT15, and by creating an account directly via this link: Create a Zervant account

*Study of May 26, 2015 led by GetData and commissioned by Zervant from 500 US-based business managers aged 25 to 54.

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