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Analyzing the positions of your site on the keywords related to your activity is essential to monitor the effects of the actions taken in the context of your SEO. MyPoseo is a tool that will help you by analyzing precisely the positions of your site in the search results of the various engines, Google in mind…

To start, register on MyPoseo. The service is free for 15 days which gives you time to test all the features before you decide. Beyond the period, you can continue to use MyPoseo for just over € 4 per month.

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1: Add your site

When you log in for the first time, MyPoseo will ask you to add your first site. You just have to indicate your URL, the default engine (in our case, google.fr) and your first keywords.

Here is what it looks like on our side:

Add Myposeo site

2: Launch its first positioning report

Once the site has been configured, you can launch your first positioning report by clicking on “view”. MyPoseo will then analyze your positioning in the search engines. For the evaluation version you can only see the results on Google but with the full version, you will be able to analyze the results on the other engines. Nevertheless Google being widely leader in England, this first analysis is largely sufficient.

In a few seconds, your first positions will be displayed. MyPoseo calculates this very quickly. Having had the opportunity to test several of its competitors, I find that the tool is particularly effective at this level.

This is the type of analysis that will appear on the screen:

Natural referencing positioning report

On the keywords that you entered in the previous step, you will be able to know your ranking, the page of your site that stands out, the evolution compared to the previous ranking (with graph) and something very interesting: the best site ranked on the keyword you are targeting. With this last piece of information, you can go take a look at the techniques of well-referenced sites in order to compare them with yours.

In this same screen, it is possible to add a competitor in order to compare yourself to him, export your positions and follow the evolution over the period you want.

3: Follow the key indicators of its referencing

MyPoseo also puts at your disposal a complete dashboard to follow in a single screen the key indicators of its referencing. For better analysis, you can even connect your Google Analytics account to cross-check the data. On the dashboard, you have access to:

  • Statistics for your keywords (how many% of expression with more than 3 words, for example);
  • At the strongest ascents or falls of position in order to see immediately the important movements in the motors;
  • Has your top positions and other information that you can customize to suit your needs.

For further

MyPoseo also offers iPhone and WordPress applications to follow your SEO as well as possible, other options are also available, I invite you to visit the site to go further.

Myposeo natural referencing tracking pack

Once the trial period is over, you will have the choice between 3 packs ranging from 4 to 22 € per month, knowing that the first pack is more than enough for conventional use: 50 keywords via the Google engine. The second pack offers 150 keywords and 4 engines and the premium pack 300 keywords.

What do you think ? Do you already use a tool to track your SEO?

Go here to test: MyPoseo.