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Facebook targeting: an essential part of any effective Facebook advertising. How do we find our ideal audience, the one that will allow us to have the maximum return on investment? For anyone who works with Facebook advertising, the question of Facebook targeting is essential. Because even if we have a great product, if we send it to the wrong audience, we will never be able to sell it …

Knowing that in 2018 we are 33 million users in England and up to 2.2 billion worldwide per month (and these figures are increasing every year), the setting of a good targeting is not always easy . Audiences that are too large can be too general and audiences too small, not powerful enough to generate sales.

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Facebook users around the world

How to choose our audience among these 33 million users so that it is aligned with our products? Fortunately, there are a few methods that will allow you to find an ideal audience for your Facebook ads.

1 step to do: analyze our buyer persona

Before you start venturing out with the ad manager (because I hope you don’t do any more advertising boosts), it’s worth spending a little time analyzing our buyer persona. In other words, our ideal client. Try to specify as much as possible his profile. Ask yourself, what is your ideal client’s job, how old is he, what does he do with his spare time? Try to figure out what his favorite hobbies are and what is his biggest daily concern. Thus, not only will you be able to target your product to a good target audience, but you will know how to orient your communication to gain loyalty.

How to do it ?

You can do market research in a very traditional way: by sending surveys to your customers. You can also, quite simply, question them. Dialogue is a great way to get to know our current customers better.

There is however a very effective (and completely free) method that will allow you to know the audience that is already following you on Facebook in just a few clicks. You can analyze your audience with a great Facebook tool: Facebook Audience Insight. Thus, you will discover all the demographic information of your target audience, but also you will be able to analyze which other Facebook pages interest your fans. Just insert your Facebook page in the “people connected to” column:

facebook audience insight

Don’t have enough subscribers to see the statistics?

It doesn’t matter, because with this tool you can analyze the interests of your target audience for example: jogging.

Facebook audience insight interests

It is important to add the country and then the interest. So you can get a lot of information about demographics, the sector of work, but what’s even more interesting is see what other pages your audience is following on Facebook!

This tool is a real gold mine, do not hesitate to use it!

2 Interest targeting

The first way to target your Facebook ads is interest targeting. According to the profiles of your buyer personas previously defined, you will choose their centers of interest. This is “basic” targeting on Facebook. This is why it is important to check the interest in Facebook Audience Insight.

Sometimes we can realize that the chosen interest is ultimately not suitable for our target audience, because “too general”. When the target audience is too general, the audience is very large, our advertising may not be effective enough.

For example: “entertainment” interest. With an audience of 29 million people.

entertainment Facebook interest

It’s very broad targeting. In this case, it is better to refine our audience.

How to refine your audience?

You can be much more precise in your targeting:

  • Either by using interests that are closer to your product (if you sell video games you can even target the audience of one of your competitors):

facebook targeting: video games

  • Or by excluding interests that are not relevant to you.

I will show you why this is important and how interests may not be specific. Take for example the interest in “bodybuilding”, size: 4 million people:

Facebook targeting bodybuilding

We will exclude “jogging”:

jogging targeting facebook

Unfortunately, sometimes the interests overlap. So it’s better to wonder not only about interests, but also about what our audience is not interested in and exclude it.

3. Retargeting

Facebook’s greatest advertising power is retargeting.

What does that mean ?

That you can show the advertisement exactly to the people who came to your website (for that, you have to install a Facebook pixel), those who are fans of your Facebook page, those who watched your video, etc.

Facebook offers you a multitude of possibilities.

In this case, we will create targeting to people who have already interacted on our Facebook page. To do this, you need to create a personalized audience, choose “interactions” and our Facebook page. We can choose any time interval up to 365 days:

Facebook targeting: personalized audience

The retargeting technique is very effective, because it is easier to sell to people who have already had contact with our brand, those who know our products and show an interest in them.

4. Similar audiences:

But this is not the end of the good news. If we want to reach people with the same interests and belonging to the same demographic group as the fans of our Facebook page, we can create a group of similar people. As a source, we give our Facebook profile, we specify the location and finally the size of the group. There is a choice between 1% and 10%. The more you expand your audience, the more Facebook will reduce the level of similarity between the similar audience and the source audience.

similar Facebook audience

Similar audiences are still a very powerful means of targeting advertising. Instead of trying to target people by interest, Facebook will find the people who most closely resemble the personalized audience. We can thus create a similar audience from the base of our customers, from the people who came to our site, those who interacted with our content and so on… The more qualified your source audience, the more your audience similar will be effective.

So, you can download a database of your best customers on Facebook and “ask” the platform to find you the people who will be most like them!

5. Analysis of your Facebook targeting

Choosing a targeting strategy is good, but you still need to know how to analyze the results. Because even if we precisely specify the audience, we are not quite sure that users are enthusiastic about our advertisements. So to ensure that our strategy is good, we need to look at more specific indicators than just cost per outcome.

To have a better visibility on the performance of our advertising, you can consult them in the pre-recorded columns in your ad manager:

Facebook Ads columns

I give you some indicators that you should consult in order to measure the performance of your advertising:

  • The relevance index. It is an indicator that allows you to see if your advertising is well suited to your audience. Basically, Facebook averages positive and negative user reactions to your ad. This average is based on a scale of 10. 10 being the best result. When this indicator drops, the price of advertising increases.
  • Commitment. You will find it among the choices in different columns in order to analyze the indicators of your advertising. The “engagement” column is predefined to show you the number of reactions, shares, clicks, etc. in relation to your publication.

Facebook targeting: engagement column

  • CTR (Click-through Rate). It is the number of clicks on a link on your advertisement compared to the number of views of your advertisement. This is an important measure if your goal was to bring as many people as possible to your site, a sales page, etc. So you can see if your ad was persuasive enough for people to click.


In Facebook targeting, there is no proven way to cut advertising costs and reach the right people every time. You have to do tests and compare the results between advertisements continuously. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. The right targeting will depend on the type of services you sell as well as your industry. One thing is certain, you need to know exactly who you are targeting your Facebook ads to. The key to an effective Facebook campaign is your knowledge of the market.

However, I hope the targeting methods I mentioned in this article will help you optimize the costs of your campaigns. If you liked my article, don’t hesitate to share it!