▷ Efficiently manage your marketing actions thanks to a real attribution methodology [Livre Blanc] 2020 -

Essential for calculating ROI and understanding its marketing actions, the attribution methodology is an important issue for concretely managing your digital marketing budget. With the increasing complexity of the customer journey, the “last click” model is becoming less and less relevant. But what to replace it with? The white paper “Methodology of attribution, how to get out of the last click” downloadable for free on the Eulerian website will help you to see more clearly …

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In this rich white paper, you will discover the latest developments in allocation methods but above all the 3 key steps for an effective allocation plan:

  1. Media control: structure daily performance monitoring in order to make quick decisions.
  2. Test media: find areas of optimization and conduct performance tests.
  3. Trend media: identify trends in under or over valuation of partners.

1: Assignment: Media Control

Media control helps you manage the daily life of your campaigns by making quick and efficient decisions with the right data. Sales, ROI, CA must be able to be analyzed in real time to react immediately when necessary.

Then the approach of the attribution model must adapt to the objectives. The white paper gives you concrete examples at this level. It must also adapt to the customer journey:

customer journey

Between the “unknown prospect”, “known prospect” and “client” steps, the KPIs must be adapted. You have a table that helps you choose the right KPIs according to these steps in the document offered by Eulerian.

Download the white paper by clicking here

2: Attribution: Media Test

Once the first step has been taken, move on to the test media. The test media will allow us to find ways to optimize our campaigns. Example of a concrete question to which the test media can answer: “Should the budget be switched to a creative or a keyword?” ”

By calculating average acquisition costs by marketing leverage, we can then leverage by leverage optimize our campaigns. The tools also make it possible to differentiate the cost of acquiring a new customer from that of an existing customer for finer analysis and optimization.

We find in the white paper ROI calculations and practical cases to refine its acquisition cost calculations!

Download the white paper by clicking here

3: Attribution Média Trend

The trend media helps you better understand the role of each of your acquisition levers in achieving your goals. It brings you the answers to the following questions:

  • Does the conversion depend on a single lever?
  • Is contributor leverage essential?
  • Is the contributing lever valued at its fair value?

Establish a real attribution methodology

The optimization of its media mix will be done gradually and over the long term. It is essential to make adjustments to its monitoring of the allocation in order to have a model that is always closer to reality.

I invite you to download the white paper “Attribution methodology, how to get out of the last click” proposed by Eulerian. On 40 pages, you have many concrete examples to better understand the challenges of attribution.

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Article written in collaboration with Eulerian