▷ Engage your audience with an adapted content marketing strategy 2020 -

Content marketing cannot be improvised. However, 62% cheaper and 3 times more efficient (source: SEMrush) to generate prospects than other marketing channels, content is essential to make yourself known and develop your business. But how do you create content that makes you gain visibility, credibility and ultimately sales?

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Meet each other
with your audience

We can’t say it enough: knowing your audience
is the key to a suitable content marketing strategy. What are the
content formats that interest him? What are its characteristics
socio-demographic, interests, expectations? The nature of the information it
research ? His way of looking for this information?

Note that often you will not be addressing an audience
homogeneous. Whatever your sector of activity, you will undoubtedly have multiple targets with specific characteristics.
This is why it will be important to segment your
, in order to best respond to each of the groups that

If there is a wide variety of tools and methods for
get to know your targets better, interactive marketing is
also a powerful lever to collect data from
segmentation. Don’t hesitate to do it
use !

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Set goals
of your content marketing

Once you’ve gotten to know your audience, it’s important to set goals. What are you looking to accomplish with your content strategy? And how will you know that you have successfully achieved these goals?

There are three types of objectives:

  • The objectives says ” overall “, Like increasing authority or
    the visibility of your website;
  • The objectives says ” tactics “, Like the increase in the number of registrations
    to your newsletter;
  • The objectives says ” operational “Like optimizing your
    articles in order to come first in the search engines.

You just have to prioritize them to set up
a content marketing strategy adapted to your business objectives.

Stand out!

Nowadays, standing out has become a complex exercise.
The Internet is saturated with content of varying quality. To give only one
example: hundreds of hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube
every minute. This saturation brings confusion in the heads of
consumers: who can they trust?

Thanks to the understanding you have acquired from your audience and
of the different types of targets to which you will target your content, you
should already have some leads.

Of course, the qualityé of your content is an essential prerequisite
to gain consumer confidence. Then your originality and the focus
ahead ofa style specific to your values will often be the elements that will return it to you to many

Post your

Post your content on
adapted channels
: newsletters, social networks or partnerships,
anything is possible to reach your audience where it is, when it is there.

Vary the formats : videos, podcasts, articles,
webinars or e-books will help you capture and keep your audience
on the long term. Your audience may prefer to listen to a podcast in
going to work, or quietly reading a noon time blog article.
Do not stay fixed on a single type of format because you risk missing out
of some potential customers.

You now have a few tips for establishing your content marketing strategy. To learn more about how to create effective content, check out Qualifio’s e-book, in collaboration with BigKids and FastTrack!

Article written in collaboration with Qualifio