▷ England VS United States, the war of startups - MSB show 70 2020 -

In this 70th MSB show, we talk with Hugo de Gentile, a talented entrepreneur, about the differences between the ecosystems of French and American startups…

Who is he ?

He and his father launched an innovation which aims to eventually replace our famous toothbrush. According to him, his product is more effective and is developing in different markets.

England VS USA

In this video, we compare the pros and cons of the 2 startup ecosystems. We can clearly see that these 2 countries have important advantages in helping their businesses to grow quickly and well. England remains effective at start-up and in creation. The US is still ahead of the fundraising.

Limoges is also innovative!

We are also talking about a city that is very much talked about in terms of innovation and startups: Limoges. Hugo explains to us why this city has many often overlooked assets.

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