▷ Entrepreneur: focus on your business with these good habits and these 5 free tools 2020 -

When you are self-employed, it is sometimes difficult to organize your day. Between the need to hold several hats (commercial, administrative, project management) and the need to support your business on a limited budget. When you’re an entrepreneur, you often have to be on all fronts! To help you, here are 5 good habits and 5 free tools to optimize your activity and focus on what really matters: your business…

1: Plan your days in advance

Whether working alone or in a team, it is essential to plan your days well in advance. By knowing your daily missions at the start of the day, you will be much more efficient. For my part, I simply use Google Calendar to plan my task list. I know my schedule for the next few days and know my “to do” for the current day in the morning! Here Google Calendar is not only used to place my appointments but all of my actions for the day. I use a color code to know the nature of the task, simple and efficient.

The tool to help you: Google Calendar.

2: Track the time spent

Always with the aim of improving your efficiency, equip yourself with a tracker. This will allow you to better assess the time spent on each of your tasks so that you can plan better but also optimize what can be optimized.

The tool to help you: Wudatime

3: Take care of your environment

Whether you are at home, in a coworking space or in premises dedicated to your activity, it is essential to take care of your work environment. If you work from home, it is important to reserve a place. Even if you don’t have a specific room, take care to delimit and organize your environment. In all 3 cases, consider having a Zen environment (not too overloaded), decorated to your tastes, calm and conducive to work. For my part, I work at home and I am lucky to have a room dedicated to work, this allows me not only to separate professional and personal life but also to be in an environment conducive to work.

The tool to help you: your good taste, and why not a coworking space.

4: Avoid small distractions

I know, it’s tempting to look at Facebook every 5 minutes 🙂 But at some point if you want to be efficient at your job, it’s essential to be able to cut through small distractions. If necessary, you can block certain sites using tools like Leechblock.

The tool to help you: your will or LeechBlock.

5: Automate what can be and get the right tools

When you are self-employed, you are often multitasking, an accountant in the morning, then a salesperson before moving on to project management in the afternoon. It is sometimes difficult to juggle between different tasks. To help yourself, you can rely on online tools. To automate responses to contacts left on the site or send newsletters automatically, we can use marketing automation tools like Mailchimp (free up to 2500 subscribers). To manage all the administrative aspects, in particular the essential invoicing, tools also exist, for example Zervant completely free allowing you to edit as many invoices as you want.

Tools to help you: MailChimp, Zervant

Focus on Zervant: your billing companion

When you start and even afterwards, you often have simple management needs. The two main needs are editing quotes and invoices and monitoring payments. Zervant perfectly meets these needs. It is completely free. His motto “Create invoices online for free and with ease.

You can :

All completely free of charge. The solution is simple and effective. Note that there are no unpleasant surprises, the solution remains free for as long as you need it. Their funding model is based on premium options. The free solution is suitable for most cases.

To get an idea, here’s what it looks like:

The invoice editor:

Invoice editor

Invoice tracking:

And the customer database:

Customer database

To use Zervant for free, just click here

Article written in collaboration with Zervant