▷ Entrepreneurs: 10 lessons to learn from customer service 2020 -

I once heard that selling without doing customer service is like putting money in a pocket with holes. I couldn’t agree more with this sentence. There is no doubt, if you understand customer service it will make you a better entrepreneur. Now that it’s said, here are 10 lessons entrepreneurs need to learn from customer service…


A business executive makes a big mistake if he says he already knows what a customer wants. Do not approach your customers with a pre-established list of questions. You just have to ask them how they use your product or service, what they like and dislike, and then you listen. If you listen carefully, without judgment, the things you learn will be invaluable to you and your business.

Keep his promises

Promises are very important to customers. No matter if they are made by a regular employee or the CEO of the company, customers expect these promises to be kept. If you don’t make an update that you promised, a cancellation, or any other broken promise, you will lose customers and public trust very quickly.

Find the best tools to provide the best service

Monitoring and customer service cannot be done simply on sticky notes, but using low-end or unsuitable customer relationship management (CRM) software can also be problematic. You need to think about how your employees can give your customers the service they deserve. It can be a CRM (some are really great) or any other tool, and keep in mind that it should also make your employees’ work more enjoyable and efficient. Your customers and your team will thank you for that.

You can win the battle and lose the war

This lesson can be difficult to learn, it is specifically related to disagreements with a client. Some entrepreneurs are so focused on the success of their business that they fail to make exceptions to established policies when they are needed.

A customer may ask you something that is against your practices. Maybe a customer will ask for a refund that you wouldn’t normally give. Before simply answering “No”, you need to consider what this exception will cost you compared to a customer’s lifetime value. While you can’t give a rebate to everyone who requests it, ask yourself if it would be worth shaking up your principles so you don’t lose a possible deal with a client.

How to avoid the collapse of an online brand

In our hyper-connected world, someone will say something negative about you on social media, it’s inevitable. This is quite simply the consequence of being the figurehead of a company.

But the important thing is how to handle it. Whether it’s you or another member of your staff, make sure the person in charge of your social media remains calm under pressure by establishing a relationship of trust. Responding appropriately to these situations when they occur is one of the best ways to avoid the collapse of an online brand.

Customers expect availability

You probably already know that just having online customer service from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays will not be enough. But what you don’t know, however, is that customers expect you to be available on multiple platforms. If you only rely on online forums or if you don’t have real-time chat or messaging service, it’s high time to provide better service to your customers to interact with them where they want. are.

Hire employees on attitude and skills

When you hire someone in your company, it is important to ensure that they not only have the skills for the job, but also the right attitude. You want helpful and friendly people in your business. When you hire people with a positive and cooperative attitude, it becomes much easier to offer customer service that will stand out in your industry.

Your staff will treat customers the same way they are treated

In other words, you cannot neglect your staff and expect them to provide incredible customer service in return. You should treat and treat your employees the same as your customers. You have to make every day of their work an incredible experience.

Creating this kind of atmosphere doesn’t have to be expensive. Obviously, simply thanking an employee for their work will not be enough to build an atmosphere of trust in your company. But if you take the time to treat your staff the way you want them to treat your customers, then they will convey their enthusiasm and motivation every time they interact with them.

Have a complaints system

A 2013 study found that 56% of customers who complained got nothing in return, and there is nothing more frustrating for an already angry customer than having no response to their complaints. .

Even if you can’t meet all of your customers’ expectations, make sure they at least feel heard. Whether it’s a letter, a call or an email, be sure to respond with a personalized message by letting the customer know how you’re going to handle their problem.

You can’t control what you don’t measure

When trying to provide the best possible service, it is essential to monitor and measure what you are doing. Just as you won’t deploy a landing page without tracking its impact on sales, you need to have systems in place to understand how your service is doing. Feedback and customer feedback software can provide you with very good data, such as surveys, email tracking and phone calls.

Customer service cannot be overlooked in a business, regardless of the quality of your product or service. By learning these 10 lessons and applying them in your business, you will make a much greater impression on your customers. And the consequence of that will be: the growth of your business.

And you, what is the biggest lesson you have learned from customer service during your career?