I often hear that “entrepreneurs don’t count their hours”. This is explained because they are generally passionate, forgetting the time spent “working”, but also because they have to manage many responsibilities: administrative, managerial, commercial, not to mention all of them. Good organization and the use of certain tools are therefore necessary to optimize your time. To help you, here are some practices and tools used by some entrepreneurs …

Optimize the way you communicate internally

Communication within a company can quickly become time-consuming if mismanaged. Several entrepreneurs and collaborators complain about meetings that are too long, an unmanageable number of e-mails or even considerable time wasted on the phone. If this is also your case, I invite you to take inspiration from these different tips that I have collected from business leaders.

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First, organize a meeting only if necessary. How many companies plan and maintain their meetings even if nothing has really progressed since the last! It is better to cancel a meeting than to spend even 30 minutes repeating the same things as the previous time.

Then, when a meeting is needed, set a time limit and stick to it. Even appoint a “time master” who will be responsible for managing the time spent on the various agenda items and who will tell you when the time is running out. Note that the Monday morning brief is essential to bring energy and mobilize your team, but again, you can limit it to 15 minutes for example.

Finally, optimize the way you communicate by developing a real internal strategy. For example, make the difference between hot and cold information to choose your communication tools accordingly. Hot information is the priority, messages that must be answered very quickly, while cold messages are those that do not require a response within 3 hours.

Here is an example of organization:

  • Opt for email if the subject is not urgent;
  • Use the Slack app for items to be processed within 3 hours;
  • Choose the SMS option if the message must be processed within 30 minutes;
  • Prefer the call if you need the information within a minute.

Thanks to this organization adopted by several startups, the phone rings much less often and the amount of emails to be managed is greatly reduced, thus saving considerable time.

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Optimize your business activity

Some entrepreneurs manage the commercial part of the business themselves, from prospecting to customer loyalty. This function is time consuming and again, it can often be optimized.

If like many, you move to prospects or customers, first optimize your trips and make your meetings close geographically. For example, adopt the 20-minute rule: no more than 20 minutes by car between two consecutive meetings. It seems logical, but some companies do not respect this rule.

Also avoid missed appointments! Statistics show that same-day confirmed appointments are more often honored than unconfirmed appointments. You can even automate these confirmations using tools, such as ClicRDV.com, for example, to send an SMS reminder automatically.

Finally, delegate incoming calls to a secretary or a telesecretariat service, which will save you precious time in screening calls. Go even further by adopting solutions to reduce these incoming calls. For example, give your customers the possibility to manage their appointments online or offer a chat support service. Affordable solutions now exist for this, take advantage of it.

Here are some tips for entrepreneurs to save time on a daily basis and be more efficient. These tips may or may not fit your business, the important thing is that you find your own areas for improvement. Let’s not forget, the constant search for improvement is essential to a business if it wants to remain competitive. In this case, better time management will benefit your productivity.

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