▷ Entrepreneurs: remember to make a forecast of your activity 2020 -

Whether you are in the process of starting a business or developing your activity, it is important to have a view on the future evolution of your activity. This type of report will help you make the right decisions, redirect your development strategy if necessary or even attract potential investors. The forecast report will be the quantified representation of your business plan …

When you are an entrepreneur, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to assess your business and make forecasts. However, this type of document is essential to better control its development.

But, rest assured with the right tools, making these forecasts is relatively easy and above all very fast.

Several types of forecast exist, we will find in particular:

As you know, since the launch of our company, we have been using Evoliz, a management solution that is generally well suited to the needs of SMEs / very small businesses and more particularly to our needs. The tool is very easy to use and regularly adds new features to help entrepreneurs in their daily lives.

So I’m going to use it as an example.

Below, you see an example of management forecast:

It allows you to have a quick view on its turnover, expenses and results. Each time, we can compare the results based on the previous year and forecasts. This table is particularly effective for quickly seeing where we are in our activity in order to make the right decisions accordingly.

Here the example is taken from Evoliz, but this type of table is also feasible in Excel. Of course, using this type of management tool saves you a lot of time. And as you know, time is particularly precious for entrepreneurs.

Likewise, it’s important to keep track of your cash flow so that you don’t get embarrassed. Tracking it is one thing, but predicting it is even more effective. This allows you to react and thus optimize your cash flow.

To conclude, these forecast tables allow you to be much more efficient in managing your business. They also make it possible, when looking for investors, to reassure and seduce them.

We talked about forecasting in this article, but know that Evoliz allows you to manage your structure from A to Z: from the edition of quotes to invoicing through the management of your customers via a CRM.

Feel free to go test the tool by following this link.

This article is written in partnership with Evoliz