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… And your comm too! Who waits for his shoes to be completely discolored with the sole in the mouth of a crocodile to go to the shoemaker? Who is waiting for his watch to stop before going to the watchmaker? Who waits to fall into depression to take care of themselves?

This article is for people who care about what they do and how they do it. Procrastination, leaving what you can do overnight, can be good. This allows you to take advantage of the present moment, to extend your moments of pleasure and distraction without putting extra pressure on yourself to plan, organize and plan the days ahead. Good news: procrastination and regular maintenance are compatible.

The idea and importance of maintenance can be extended to a large majority of sectors:

  • Who waits to be sick to go to the doctor?
  • Who waits for a toothache to go to the dentist? In Japan, consultations are organized to prevent possible diseases, instead of offering consultations to cure them.
  • Who waits to have forked hair to cut it?
  • Who is waiting to receive a letter from his friends to ask them about their news?

Businesses also need to maintain relationships. Moreover, by definition, relationship marketing evokes the importance of creating and maintaining a close relationship with a medium and long term aim. Maintaining a relationship is not evident either internally (between partners, subordinates) or externally (between stakeholders: partners, competitors, customers and suppliers) and yet it is essential. Comm is the cement of a relationship: talking, sharing and exchanging are essential if you set a long-term goal.

The Comm ’

Customer service is the b.a ba so that you can maintain a relationship with your customers. Offer all possible means for the client to contact you: email address, telephone number, Click to Call service, contact form from your website.

Transparency makes the difference

Above all, your information must be as clear as possible. Any gray area can lead to uncertainty, a possible loss of confidence, a drop in credibility and finally a decrease in customer involvement. In the long term, a certain opacity would work against you. Your responses and your responsiveness to customer service will therefore make the difference.

The details too

A satisfied customer unfortunately does not have the same effects as a dissatisfied customer. “1 dissatisfied customer is 10 lost.” You cannot afford to take this risk. so remember, the details will make THE difference. To know if a customer is satisfied or not, the satisfaction survey is a good initiative, but still it is necessary to know how to do it and what to do when a customer is dissatisfied. Your goals are simple: retain your client, encourage them to stay in touch with you, then come back and maintain a relationship despite possible tension. For this, all means are good: a justification, an apology, a gift, an invitation to an event, a personalized offer

Let’s remember: these details, made as you relate to those around you, would make them more intense and serve as a shock absorber in case of dissatisfaction. Who is waiting to break up to worry about it? So be concerned about your customers and more generally, your entourage simply 🙂