▷ Everything you need to know about online marketing for your new business 2020 -

You too have just started your own business and have no budget for the online marketing ? This is a very common mistake. Marketing can seem like a fuzzy activity for many people, and the difficulty of quantifying the return on investment, like communication, does not help to take this activity into consideration …

Faced with these uncertainties, it is certainly easier to put this issue aside and focus on problems perceived as more “concrete”, but do not wait any longer! At the time of setting up a online marketing effective, there are many things to consider. They are all based on factors essential to a good marketing strategy. These essential pillars of online marketing that we are going to expose to you, to set up in order to tend towards a better efficiency, are five in number.

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1. The website

Your website is your online storefront. What impression can a customer have when passing in front of the window of a store where the colors, materials, products presented and the lights are reflected and thought to match their desires and tastes? We want to make that same impression in front of your online storefront.

The content must be quality if you want the potential customer to decide to walk through the door of your store. It is much simpler, faster and more convenient for your visitor to become your client by visiting your website. In addition to offering a good welcome, your site must encourage them to stay there as long as possible (which implies interest and preference over the competition). The content must be relevant, quality and different, like your business.

All this will allow you, as Amazon for example, either to center your offer on an online and interactive service, or to widen the access to your offer and to offer a virtual and real exposure.

2. Online positioning

Your place on search engines is not to be taken lightly. To take the previous example, think of the difference between a window, as beautiful as it is, located in a winding and narrow street leading to a dead end, and that of its direct competitor located at the beginning of the same street directly overlooking the pedestrian axis. We sincerely wish you to be in the second situation. Being able to rank among the first sites on the first page of your search engine will allow you to create traffic on your website and therefore encourage customers to buy. You can make this happen by hiring an experienced SEO professional like the ones at SERP Co (https://serp.co/services/seo/chicago/) who can optimize your website to rank well in the search results.

To improve this aspect of online marketing, there’s a need to create quality, engaging content that can be shared on other relevant websites or social networks. The more your content is viral, the more it will gain visibility and better positioning on your search engine. An active and dynamic professional blog can also be a good asset.

3. The professional blog

It’s an asset indeed. In order for it to scale and help build traffic, it is important that its content is of high quality and regularly updated. An inactive blog or superficial content have the opposite consequences to those sought. The blog also allows visitors to be redirected to your website. It also creates links with other bloggers who have some influence so that they can talk about you and therefore create traffic on your blog, which links to your website.

4. Social networks

Your presence on social networks is one of the keys to increasing your visibility and being anchored in the minds of Internet users. You can interact with your customers, change them to “followers“To communicate with them regularly, and encourage them to stay loyal to you. The objective of this means of communication is to encourage your customers to remember you, permanently. For this, it is essential to know the target clientele and to adapt to it (language used, news, publications).

5. Mailing

This is another tool to build customer loyalty. The idea is to stay in constant touch with them for many reasons: promotions, events, previews, new releases or even invitations. Balance remains important: these reasons must be used reasonably to avoid sending too many messages and flooding customers’ mailboxes. It would have bad consequences for you, like landing in “spam”.

Now that the basics of online marketing, necessary to plan your strategy are asked, let’s emphasize some common mistakes to avoid.

  • Do not carry out studies and analyzes on the implementation of strategies

All of this information is essential before setting up your strategy: studying your target audience, their tastes and needs, analyzing the advantages of your products or services and their differences from the competition, and finally, study your competition as if they were old friends.

Tracking the effects of each campaign seems obvious. This is necessary to improve and evolve: you will know if you have to continue on the same path or if you have to change the tactics. In the long term, this approach will bear fruit.

  • Not be “responsive design”

It is necessary to offer a website that adapts to all the media your customers use. In addition to optimizing the positioning of your website on search engines, you will gain a lot in readability. No matter where your users are, they will be able to view and surf your site without any difficulty.

Online marketing is indeed an activity in its own right, to take into account and develop whatever your activity. Many things are to know and to take in hand. So, keep educating yourself on the subject and get started!