▷ Everything you need to know about sponsored links: Online file on Oseox 2020 -

If you want to learn about sponsored links, Oseox has published a complete file on sponsored links. From basic knowledge to advanced techniques, the dossier will give you a good overview of what is being done …

SEM, SEA, CTR, CPC, A / B Testing… are all barbaric terms that can put off neophytes of sponsored links. The sponsored links folder of Oseox walk you through the steps to launch a campaign and optimize it to maximize ROI.

google loves me workshop banner

How? ‘Or’ What open an account on Google Adwords, which keywords to choose, How? ‘Or’ What track the results of your campaigns… Follow the guide.

I let you go for a walk on this file, if the sponsored links interest you, I also advise you to read the Estelle Schomann’s blog: Learn all about sponsored links or our section SEM Sponsored Links.

And for the natural referencing, you can always find our file here.

Good reading