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Most of the articles on the Internet about Facebook advertising focus on magic hacks to better target your ads or the latest trend to get around the Facebook algorithm. In fact, learning all Facebook hacks will only make you an expert on Facebook’s advertising platform. But by no means will this make you a good marketeer

I myself fell into the trap of focusing on using the platform and not on writing a Facebook ad that caught the attention of the user. Because upon arrival, what your audience sees is your advertisement (not what’s behind it). In other words, the person will see the image first, then the catchphrase and the title of your ad.

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These elements combined highlight what you have to offer them.

And it’s precisely your offer that makes the person decide whether or not to click on your ad.

That’s why when you write your ad and select your visuals, you should always keep in mind your audience (who are you talking to?) and what you have to offer them.

But it’s not just the supply and the targeting that matters.

Your ad should also get enough attention from the Facebook user to stop it. She must also give him a good reason to click on it (remember, you are paying to appear in his news feed, you are not really welcome …).

To support my remarks, I looked for an advertisement that meets the criteria of an attractive advertisement:

  • An irresistible and clearly defined offer;
  • Offer that attracts attention;
  • Attractive visual;
  • Eye-catching text.

And I found it: UberEATS!

Case study: The anatomy of a successful Facebook ad

Let’s analyze this rather successful classic advertisement (link + image) from UberEATS:


➤ A visual attractive and eye-catching (which stands out in the news feed).

➤ A good hook that begins with a question followed by the offer and a deadline for create a sense of urgency. The question stimulates the curiosity of the user, it is in a way a teaser. There is also a clever use of emojis to give a more warm and friendly tone to advertising. I emphasize this last point: you have to disguise your Facebook ad so that it doesn’t look like one. And for that, emojis are your friends!

➤ A title with a reminder of the offer. The offer itself is clearly defined (One burger bought = One burger offered). Do you want to click? It’s normal, me too!

➤ A call to action generic (Read more), but which remains effective.

No doubt, UberEATS knows how to do it with its advertisements!

How to achieve the same success?

This advertisement from the now famous UberEATS is a good example of a successful advertisement. It’s no coincidence that I showed it to you, because it contains all the elements of a perfect advertisement.

Let me show you how you too can design such captivating ads.

1) Use the right images

Watch the UberEATS ad again. What do you see first?

Come on, I know you already know the answer.

It’s the picture of course!

It takes most of the ad and stands out with its colors.

Your advertising plays a key role in the success of your campaign, because it is what makes a user lost in his news feed decide to stop on your advertising.

It must therefore be chosen with great care.

Here are some examples from my experience to choose eye-catching visuals:

  • Play on the contrast with the news feed or in the image itself

Your goal is simple: attract the attention of the user so that it stops on your advertising. The safest way to do this is to use contrast!

For example, you could use an image with a dark background to display your products. Look at this picture. Green background, white product. Impossible not to miss it!

  • Show other people

Something I’ve noticed in my campaigns is that people tend to respond positively to my ads when they see other people.

The idea comes from a well-known book in social psychology: Influence & Manipulation by Robert Cialdini.

This tendency that we naturally appreciate people who are like us is one of the principles of influence described by Robert Cialdini in his book: similarity.

It’s a bit the same with ads: we especially like to see other people like us in an advertisement.

In fact, according to best practices from Facebook, happy / smiling people get a good CTR (click through rate) on our ads.

EF England, which offers language courses for teenagers, did just that very well with this Facebook advertisement.

The brand chose as a visual for its ad, a teenage girl in the process of smile and in addition who look straight in your direction. Difficult to go unnoticed.

Ralph Lauren also knows how to use similarity in showing happy and attractive women in Ralph Lauren.

  • My last piece of advice: experiment (A / B test) !

The truth is, you can never know which image works best until you test it on your audience.

So always remember to test several images (at least 3) at the same time to see which one works best.

How to do ?

If you already know how to advertise Facebook, just go to the power editor and duplicate an existing advertisement. Like this :

The following :

Here ! Then you just have to replace the image in your duplicates and your test can start!

Let it run between 2 and 3 days minimum and analyze the results of your advertisements (I speak of the analysis of the results in this article).

When you have identified the image that gives you the best results, test other variations of this image (2 or 3 minimum).

Never trust your intuition and personal tastes. Let your audience judge.

2) Write catchy texts

The image of your ad allows you to capture the attention of a Facebook user lost in his news feed. The text allows in one or two sentences to make him click.

The goal here is not to give you a grammar lesson, but rather to give you basic advice on copywriting (persuasive writing).

  • Start with a question in your tagline

Watch the UberEATS ad again and read the first sentence. It begins with a question: A burger and more if you like it?

Not as trivial as that, because on the one hand, it attracts your attention and in addition, it makes you want to read more: what is there in addition to the burger?

It’s also a way tointroduce your offer.

To define your question, it’s very simple.

Think of your target’s problems or needs and ask a question that reflects that problem / need. Then give the solution: your offer!

Ex .: Do you want more prospects thanks to Facebook? Read this free guide to learn how to create your first Facebook ad campaign!

Keep the text of your advertisement as clear and concise as possible.

At this level, the goal is not to sell. It’s to convince users of click on your advertising to find out more.

Play on curiosity and clearly explain why they should click.

Kayak, a company dedicated to travel, does it very well. I imagine Kayak was targeting a young audience. In any case, I would like to know one of these 11 destinations to visit even with a limited budget!

  • Make an offer you can’t refuse

This is a logical continuation of the last point. The winning advertisements have this point in common, their offer is 1) clearly defined and 2) difficult to refuse.

This is where the freebies (free offers) and promo codes.

Let’s take the example of UberEATS again: One burger purchased = One burger offered. Would you have bought it if it wasn’t freebie ?

Maybe for you, but I don’t think so.

What is certain is that far fewer people would have ordered from UberEATS.

If possible, repeat your offer several times and insert it into the title (bold text) of your ad like UberEATS did.

  • Create a sense of urgency

A great advertising classic: time constraints. Including deadlines in your promotions will encourage the person to take action right away.


➤ Offer limited to today only

More than 2 days to take advantage of 50% discount on all our items!

Include emergency preferably directly in your hangs (text above the image) like H&M.

  • Offer social proof

Social proof is the tendency that we have to do the same thing as our fellow men (another of the principles of influence in the book Influence & Manipulation).

There are two restaurants to choose from, one crowded and the other one is completely empty. Which do you choose?

Naturally, you will go in the first.

Indeed, humans naturally assume that when a large number of people do something, then it can only be a good idea.

When used well, social proof allows you to add credibility and some legitimacy in your advertisements.

Use (big) numbers or big names to create social proof:

➤ 1523 people have already downloaded your e-book? Say it in your ad. After all, 1,523 people cannot be wrong.

As did Sendinblue, a French autoresponder. Before reading this eye-catching ad, I never imagined that Sendinblue had so many users.

And even if I did not click, proudly displaying their number of users allowed them to be more credible in my eyes.

If it is unlikely that I will leave my current autoresponder (Mailchimp), I now know that Sendinblue represents an interesting and inexpensive alternative (from € 5.49 per month and free try !).

➤ Use of big names : Airbus and L’Oréal have already used your services? Mention it!

3) Add a call to the action

Finally, add one of the call to action buttons to your ad (Call-to-Action or CTA) that Facebook offers: “Learn more”, “Download”, “Buy”, “Install now”, etc.

And don’t just think of Facebook’s calls to action.

You too, include action verbs in your advertisements such as: “register now”, “download your free e-book”, “reserve your place before it is too late”, etc.


Designing ads that arouse curiosity and make you want to click is not easy, but it’s accessible to everyone.

In this article, I did my best to give you the essentials of a visually appealing and persuasive ad.

Keep in mind that the most important thing in your advertising remains the image because this is what we see first when we scroll through our news feed.

And since you can’t know in advance which image will work best, try several. That’s good, Facebook made it very simple thanks to the Power Editor.

Also, don’t overlook the text and title of your ad, because people who are interested will read it. The image stirs up curiosity and the text incites the person to take action (click on your ad).

Yes you want to go further and (re) learn how to create an advertising campaign from A to Z, I wrote a free guide which takes a step by step action plan to create a Facebook ad, choose the right audience and the good budget. Download it freely via this link