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Echangeo is a portal that offers better than exchanging links. There are already several systems where you can do reciprocal exchange, but we have known for a long time that this is not the most relevant type of exchange, especially since they are often done in footer or blogroll. Site (s. Echangeo therefore wanted to revolutionize the field of link exchange by playing on a system intelligently thought out …

Presentation of the Echangeo concept

Acquisition of backlinks

To start, you register on Echangeo.fr your site (s) on the platform. The euro is the currency that you will use to negotiate links. You will use these eos to “pay” a member who links to you in one of his articles, and you will gain by making links to other members according to their criteria, in your articles. The links are proposed in a thematic content, according to the criteria that you will have stated (in terms of seniority, PR, number of outgoing links on the page, link anchor, …). This will allow you to have very good links.

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What is a very good link?

Looking for good backlinksA very good link is made on a page whose theme is close to that of the linked site, on an authority page in the eyes of Google, with few outgoing links, and on a talking link anchor (not a simple click- here). It should nonetheless be part of an overall strategy for you, where you balance your anchors (and your non-anchors for that matter).

What do you need to do to gain more eos and collect more links?

As soon as someone links you and accepts it, you’re going to spend your eos. You will then have to earn others to receive other link proposals (note that those who take a free account, must start there anyway because they start with zero eo on their site). And for that nothing could be simpler, it’s your turn to offer links to other members, links that will bring you eos. In addition, you can identify in your account in a different manner your sites for which you wish to receive links and those with which you wish to do so (= your “spots” if you have them).

Thus, if site A receives a link from site B, it is not forced to link it back (it is even not recommended to stay under the radar of Google). Instead, site C will link to site D, so it’s completely invisible.

But this kind of a big linkwheel this system, Google doesn’t like

In the idea, if there were only a few dozen sites, they would all end up linking to each other, and that would form a linkwheel not well appreciated by Google. But the interest of Exchangeo is to be the only site to offer this system and therefore to have a good database of sites available for exchanges, as well as sites which will not receive any link (those you will use to create backlinks only). Finally, the thematic consistency is the safeguard: it would even say that the system is not harmful for Google, because the members link themes between them in depth, which is beneficial for the job of the engine (a little to the way of “quality directories” which Google via Matt Cutts has already said is not hostile).

After a few weeks of existence, Echangeo, it is already more than 200 registered sites looking for backlinks, and it is constantly evolving. The more sites there are, the more interesting the system will be for everyone.

You can win your first backlinks in just a few hours, so get started now.

We finish with a short video presentation of Exchangeo: