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While it’s easy to design a professional blog today, most entrepreneurs block when posting content. However, the expertise you have developed throughout your career and your training represents a great raw material for the content of your business blog, and allows you to position yourself as a leader in your field …

Expertise, what is it?

Expertise is not limited to the knowledge acquired during your academic and professional training. It is also made up of your experience, your opinions and the values ​​that you defend, with your company, in your sector of activity.

To publish “expert” content on your company blog, it is not essential to be an opinion leader in your field: on the other hand, they can help you become one!

The only condition: bring a little “extra”, such as an unpublished or counter-current opinion, exclusive information, etc. It could be a recently read book or a professional event you attended. It’s about making useful to others what has been useful to you.

Feed your blog regularly

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5 types of “expert” content to publish on your business blog

Some content allows you to highlight your expertise, provided you bring real added value, whatever the topic. You can publish:


Writing an analysis on a specific subject requires that you establish a rigorous watch over your field of activity. You can then relay an evolution, an innovation, a rupture or a crisis by bringing your particular lighting and your knowledge.

Do not forget to put yourself in the place of your reader: an “expert” analysis is not necessarily complicated! Keep it simple, without being simplistic: don’t hesitate to use technical terms, provided you explain them later in the article or offer a link to a glossary, for example.

Advice in the form of a buying guide

Buying guides allow you to highlight some of your products or services, helping the user to choose from the range you offer.

Reassuring by its informative aspect, the buying guide also shows the internet user that you understand his problem, and that you have solutions that can help him. This type of content can be infinite, depending on your industry.

You can thus propose a Guide to sizes and cuts on an e-commerce site dedicated to jeans and pants, while a Guide to buying engines by automobile brands will find its place perfectly on the professional blog of a car garage. It’s up to you to find the buying guide best suited to your products or services.

A case study

The case study or feedback is seen as factual paper, which describes your use of a product or service. This content covers, step by step, the functionality of the product or service, but also its effects or results, and how it helped you solve a specific problem.

To be successful, a case study must clearly identify the problem you are trying to solve. It must be based on “evidence”, which can be visual (images, graphics, photographs, or even screenshots depending on the product or service to be highlighted) or digital (the numerical examples are particularly convincing).

An interview

The interview gives a human face to your business, but also a voice, a tone. It gives you the opportunity to present your company’s activity in a less formal way than the very factual “Who we are”.

The interview can take a long format, for the annual review of your company for example, or a short format to present the different poles and trades of your activity.

When possible, don’t forget to add a photo of the interviewee: in addition to the fact that human faces particularly attract the eye on the web, this allows you to build a more “human” relationship with your readers .

A free e-book (or white paper)

Finally, if the e-book remains the longest type of content to produce, it constitutes a medium of choice to assert your expertise on the web. It allows you to tackle a subject in depth, and to offer this condensed knowledge to your customers and prospects.

By allowing Internet users to freely download your white paper from your blog, you offer them a real gift. However, it is these little attentions to the reader that can make the difference with your competitors: discover these 8 examples of professional blogs to find inspiration.

Professional blogs can take many forms. Whatever your field of expertise, the content that you will publish must be appropriate for your industry, and more precisely with the image that you want to send back to your customers. Content after content, build your e-reputation and assert your expertise!

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