▷ Facebook explains itself in a pop-up boutique in New York 2020 -

Faced with scandals and a flood of criticism about its use of personal data, Facebook opened for a few hours on December 13 in New York a store supposed to show how much the company is concerned about the privacy of its users …

After a similar experience in London in September, the first social network in the world organized this educational operation with hot chocolate and coffee in the heart of the market set up each year for the holiday season in Bryant Park, in the center of Manhattan. For ten hours, Facebook employees chatted with passers-by, showing them how to check the privacy settings of their Facebook account and how to modify them, in particular to exclude certain advertisers or people.

“We know people have questions about personal data and advertising on the platform, we thought it was a great time to meet them in person,” said Khaliah Barnes, privacy officer at Facebook. Nine months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which sparked parliamentary inquiries and calls to boycott the network to more than two billion users, the goal was to show the California company’s efforts to clarify its use of data personal.