This year marked an important milestone for our training offer. After 5 years of existence, Training & Co’m our training organization is committed to a quality approach and is now expanding new training programs and much more to come …

After our full week of web marketing training which has improved over the years and our quality commitment implemented this year, the coming months will be an opportunity to launch new training programs.

Today, 4 new training programs are appearing in our catalog. Let’s find out together.

Training: I start my business on Facebook

training launch facebook businessThis training is intended for communication managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals who wish to get started in Facebook communication. At the end of the training, you will be able to define your positioning on the social network, create your optimized Facebook page, sell on Facebook using adapted communication techniques, master Facebook ads and track your return on investment.

This 1-day training will take place on December 5 in Paris. You can find the full program here and leave your contact details to be contacted for more information or register here.

Training: Communicate professionally on Instagram

Instagram professional communication trainingDo you want to master the professional uses of Instagram? Create a company account and know the relevant content to publish? Or even launch advertisements to promote your brand. This program is made for you.

The training will take place over half a day in Paris on December 12.

You just have to click here to discover the full program and here if you wish to be contacted!

Training: Set up a content strategy

content srategie trainingAs you know, content is at the center of any digital communication strategy. In this training, you will learn how to implement your strategy, create content for your different media and adapt them accordingly. 1 day during which you will discover writing for the web, social media publications, SEO, editorial formats and organization to be effective.

Starting? The training is scheduled for December 6 at Partis for one day. The program is available here and you can be contacted by filling out the form on this page.

Training: Develop sales and client portfolio

training develop salesWe are changing the register a little for this training, which is more aimed at commercial or entrepreneur profiles. Here you will learn how to develop your business strategy effectively. The objectives: optimize prospecting, manage aspects of a business meeting and monitor customer relations, all using methods and tools to be more efficient.

This one-day training will take place on December 11.

The full program is available here, and to reserve your place, go here.

And after ?

New webmarketing training programs

We are currently working on the creation of new programs, among the subjects already validated:

Improvement of our webmarketing week

Finally, we do not forget our week of training in web marketing, as a reminder the next session will take place the week of November 5 (more info here). Many improvements and redesigns are underway on this program to provide ever more quality information and better stick to operational issues. Good news, this week of webmarketing training will soon be certified, we will keep you informed 🙂

New training course

In parallel, we are also working on a course of around 8 days of training which will teach you how to launch your training organization, design and conduct training sessions and digitize your offer to adapt to the e-learning format. This course will be aimed at experts in their fields wishing to develop their activity through training. We will keep you informed very soon about this new course.

So… Will we soon find ourselves in the training room?