My experience with the Facebook Live tool is short since it is a new tool for all of us, marketers or not. However, I’m going to give you here the few tools I use to make my live videos a success. I started on a small budget and advise you to do the same. Then, as your project progresses and your experience with the equipment, you can adapt and potentially invest more money … if, of course, this is a path you want to follow … Facebook Live Training Lives offer a great opportunity to develop your visibility on Facebook and at the same time your business! Discover the course “How to use Facebook Live to promote your business”

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Broadcaster from your smartphone

If you decide to record your live from your smartphone, 2 tools will be essential even at your beginnings.

1 – The tripod

The tripod will stabilize your smartphone during your live performance to avoid a shaky image. Although your smartphone is light, it is actually very difficult to carry it at arm’s length without moving for several minutes.

2 – The microphone

Also, in order to optimize the sound of the video, I use a microphone external to my computer, which I would have taken care to cut the sound to avoid resonances. This is the Smartlav lavalier microphone from the Rode brand.

1 Broadcaster from your computer – Why and how?

Natively, Facebook Live is available from a smartphone. However, when you want to share your screen, the iPhone has its limits. Many software exists to hijack the initial system. I can cite as an example Telestream, Wirecast and OBS. I chose OBS to make my lives. This free, open-source solution is relatively simple to implement. Once the software is installed on your computer and before recording your live, a few manipulations are necessary: 2 In “Settings”> “Feeds”, choose the “Facebook Live” service. You must then enter the “Stream key”. To find out, go to your Facebook page, in the “Publishing tools” tab. By clicking on the “Videos” menu on the left, you arrive on a page displaying “Live” at the top right. 3 This button will give you access to a pop-up displaying the data essential for configuring the software: 4 You can then go further in the settings, in particular on the resolution questions. For more information, don’t hesitate to consult this OBS getting started guide.

For further

A last tool that I discovered recently, but that I have not yet been able to test, aroused my curiosity: LiveLeap. Whether you broadcast from your computer or from your smartphone, you initially only have the possibility of publishing your live on one medium: your page, your profile or a group. With LiveLeap, this barrier no longer exists since this tool gives you the possibility of performing your live on several channels simultaneously. Surely the solution to significantly increase your audience! What tools do you use for your Facebook Live?

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