▷ Facebook Twitter and others: make the right choice, avoid the pitfalls 2020 -

Should I open a Facebook page rather than a Twitter account for my brand? What is the most effective support for retaining customers? Where to place my branded content? And this good old e-newsletter, what services can it provide me? And Wikipedia, is it for me?

Some have written books on the subject. We, we make live according to our experiences a guide which lists the main social networks and digital media. For each of them the answers to three questions:

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  • what does it do and how does it work?
  • when to use it and for what expected objectives?
  • what are the things to watch out for before getting started?

So you can choose, argue and project yourself into an action plan, avoiding falling into the traps that await you.

This guide is alive. All contributions will be included in a future publication. So don’t hesitate to react.

Image source: Shutterstock