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Social networks are an integral part of our daily lives. We cannot, today, address an audience without going through them! They’re everywhere around us, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter which, for me, are among the most powerful at the moment …

Social networks: Facebook and Twitter. I will speak only of these two. I specify why.

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The use of social networks is important for the dissemination of your content, but I think that you should also choose them according to your theme. If you do a beauty blog, it will be important to have Instagram, Printerest (why not) Twitter as well as Facebook. In my case, social networks like “photos” do not interest me more than that since this is not my theme.

It takes time to build a social network, bring in quality content and promote it. So choose them carefully, because you will have to take care of them! 🙂

The question that arises immediately is: Why have social networks? Why is it important ?

As you know, or you can guess, Google didn’t know you when you started! The crawlers (these little robots that visit your site and place it on Google) will not pass as regularly as a site like Le Monde or CWT Advertising & Co’m.

These sites, or blogs, generate significant traffic each month, so crawlers regularly check to see if there is new content and if it needs to be indexed. This is the “vicious” but profitable circle: the more traffic you have, the better you will be positioned, the more the crawlers will come to you and it will continue as long as you bring content. Cool right?

Yes, but at first Google didn’t know me about Eve or Adam, so what do I do ?!

And this is where the social media !

Facebook and Twitter are a bit “the base” to distribute its content. In my opinion, it is necessary to have at least one of the two, if not both. I will detail each of them illustrated with examples of the advertising campaigns that I have been able to do.

Do you have a preference ? Facebook ? Twitter?

Okay, I start with Facebook.

Why use Facebook? But above all, how to use it?

Facebook was created in 2004 in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA) by Mark ZUCKERGERG and others.

“Uh, we’re not here to talk about the creation of Facebook, but how to use it right? You will say to me.

Come on, we zap the introduction on Facebook and we are advancing to this day.

So Facebook is a social network that registers millions, billions of users. Suffice to say a real human anthill waiting for one thing: your content !

The importance of creating a your blog, to enhance, refine and maintain it is, quite simply, to reach a qualified audience. This audience will visit your blog, talk about it, and attract other users. Your community will grow again and again and pass the symbolic milestone of 1000 subscribers.

For that, nothing could be simpler. Create a page dedicated to your blog.

Some will tell you to tell your friends about it, to invite them, especially if you have 500 friends following you.

Personally, I would tell you to avoid that!

“Why”, you say?

Quite simply, because your list of friends, as large as it is, may not be qualified! If you are talking about fashion, clothing advice for example, some of your friends may not be interested in this, so they are not qualified people.

Personally, on my Facebook page, nobody is on my list of friends because they are not qualified. So there is no point in asking them to follow my page just to earn Likes. I built my list from scratch.

And to build your list, you will first have to take care of its aesthetic appearance to make your future subscribers want to follow it.

Because you are not going to follow badly written, badly presented pages, right?

Put yourself in the place of your audience, ask yourself what they expect

Your page has been created, you are starting to refine the details, the presentation, the profile picture. Then put a first content to share. Make a brief, but concise summary of your blog with a link.

At this point, there is nobody on your page yet, so I advise you to put a small budget, like 10 € for example and to promote it. Get people to Like your page. They will subscribe to your content and see it in their newsfeed.

I find that the hardest part is to go up to 1000 Likes on the page. After that it came all by itself, I stopped promoting my page at this time. To tell you the truth, I had to spend around 25 € to attract qualified traffic.

To do this, you will have to go through the “boost publication” tool and choose your target well.

This is an example made for another page that I manage.

In your case, you want to distribute content more widely? Choose to distribute it in England (but know that it will cost a little more expensive) otherwise, you will have to locate your blog near a big city (for my part it was Paris) and thus reach the whole region which will cost you a little bit cheaper. This is called Cost Per Click, and that, CPC will be your bane if you are looking to penny. I’ll come back to that after.

Then you will need to define areas of interest

You also have these interests on your personal profile by liking other pages, following groups, etc. You define a standard profile for your page. And that’s what you’re going to target your audience.

Does your blog talk about fashion?

Target keywords like:

  • Fashion ;
  • Fashion advice;
  • Makeover;
  • Clothing;
  • Dressing room;
  • Etc.

You will then see the gauge move to go green, and your potential audience will grow.

Once it’s done, you’ll move on to the painful part. You will need to define a daily budget to distribute your content as well as the period in days. At the beginning, I advise you to broadcast over several days, for example 5 days with 5 € / day. You will therefore have 25 € spent in 5 days and will have a potential audience depending on the amount spent.

Your content is being broadcast

Do you see the first people arriving on your page, liking it and going to visit your blog? Well.

When your real audience starts to grow, in other words the subscribers of your page, they will have to go to your blog to give you their email address. As I mentioned in my Blogger article, this is SUPER important for ensuring a flow of visitors with each article posting.

To keep your followers on your Facebook page, post content regularly, thank them for following you, ask them what they like, for example. These are all important parameters because a subscriber is very finicky, much like a child in a toy store. You will need to provide them with quality content, like your blog, but also make them feel that they are important to you. So don’t hesitate to thank them for following you.

Always remember to speak with your subscribers, to exchange with them, to thank them for following you. They must feel unique! This is because there are already an impressive number of pages on Facebook, and most of them are just storefronts. For you, it will be more than a showcase for your blog, but also a place to share and exchange.

I advise you to use this Facebook page for your advertisements. It is very well done, intuitive and easy to navigate. You will have good visibility of your advertisements.

Now let’s go to Twitter

Twitter is a relatively new social network, because it was created in 2006. I promise, I do not repeat the verse on who created it and where, because we do not care.

This social network has a particularity of its own (and others also have it, but we do not talk about it in this article) it is the Hashtag!

Hashtags are written as follows: # = alt + hash

They correspond a little to “tags” which include a theme.

Let me explain.

If you do on Twitter, #cafe, for example, you can click on it and see all posts with the same #. This is why I call it “tag” because it is clickable and groups other posts.

It’s ULTRA powerful!

But let’s start at the beginning, okay?

You must first create an account

Is your account created?


But, like Facebook, you have no subscribers.

You will therefore constitute your subscribers once again. You can, for example, tell your Facebook followers that you are also on Twitter and that they are following you too.

But it can take quite a while to get a lot of registrants.

I’m not going to talk to you about paid methods for adding subscribers, also called followers. These methods are totally ridiculous in my opinion, because as with Facebook, you must have a qualified audience. These methods are just meant to give you importance, because when you see that a person has 200k followers, you tell yourself that they are serious and want to follow them too. And there you come across an 11 year old kid who posts his days in college and pictures of his acne pimples. Great !

No, do it right, please!

Build a real list of qualified followers

Nothing easier !

Are you in fashion?

You type in the Twitter search, #mode or #lifestyle for example. The goal ? Fall on bloggers, influencers, youtubers on Twitter. Follow them if you want, but that’s not the goal.

You will have to go to their subscribers. Those who follow them.

We find our #mode. What interests us is its subscribers.

Follow a good hundred. Then you’ll wait a few days and wait for them to follow you too. You will only have to unsubscribe from those who have not followed you. Keep in mind that Twitter checks the legitimacy of accounts, so you have to keep a correct ratio.

If you subscribe to 10,000 people, but in return you only have 100 subscribers, Twitter will say that your account is shady. He risks suspending him in the worst case. The opposite effect is also true, if you only follow 100 people, but 10,000 follow you it would be quite strange … Thinking about keeping a ratio of 1 to 1 is ideal. But when you have thousands, it becomes difficult.

Now that you’re building your follower list, you need to show them what you’re doing.

You only have 140 characters so go to the basics

Put a Tweet of style: I put a new #article on my #blog which talks about #mode, #lifestyle (then the link of your article).

You will target 4 Hashtag so 4 different audiences, but qualified on your subject. Very soon you will see the Tweet audience and the conversion.

I give you an example of a Tweet that I posted, in my thematic, and a few minutes after here is the result.

Personally, I find that Twitter when it is well used, brings significant traffic to your blog!

Use it without moderation! But when to publish?

Target specific times to tweet.

8 a.m., 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m. These hours are round, but mostly correspond to user activity. A bit like peaks in power consumption, it reflects our way of life. And many people connect to their social networks on waking to see the news. So post at these times!

Hours of work, hours of breaks, hours when people get out of work and go home after lunch.

I noticed that by tweeting at 10:15 am for example, the audience was less important than at 12h or 18h.

You can also choose to schedule your Tweets in advance, it’s great isn’t it? Especially if you are not in the morning!

In the evening you go on tweetdeck.

You prepare your tweets to post and record the times your tweets will leave.

Type your tweet, put your hashtags (alt + hash) and choose the time and day to publish and validate. It’s very simple and you can prepare several scheduled tweets with this.

Be yourself on social media, people like what’s “real” because if you’re too commercial, your subscribers may not like it and will look elsewhere. Your goal is to stand out from what your competition is doing and not to be a true copy.

And don’t spend your days glued to your computer or phone. Also take advantage of those around you, as this can give you inspiration to write new articles.

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