▷ Facebook updates automatic alt text for the visually impaired 2021 -

Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

Facebook has announced a major update to its Automatic Alt Text (AAT) process. It will ensure that more images are understandable by users, especially the visually impaired, for a better experience in Facebook applications …
This is because so many things today are carried out online or on the internet. This obviously requires sight and so those who are visually impaired can struggle to cope. It is now becoming much more accessible to those who suffer from health issues whether they are severe or mild. Those with mild visual conditions have access to laser eye surgery (find more here https://sharpe-vision.com/pricing/), so there are fewer people suffering than there would be, however, the issue still poses difficulties to those people suffering and Facebook has decided to tackle the problem.

Facebook increases its AAT potential by more than 10 times

After announcing the removal of the “Our story” section very soon, Facebook launched its automatic alt-text process for the first time in 2016, enabling the automated identification of objects in published images via a machine learning process, each times manual alt-text descriptions were not provided. But in its first version, the process was quite limited, which the social network has been trying to update ever since.

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Indeed it has increased more than 10 times the number of concepts than AAT can reliably detect and identify on a photo. This gives more capacity to the social network to provide detailed descriptions of the objects in the images.

So instead of describing the content of a photo as “Maybe a picture of 5 people” for example, Facebook can specify that there are two people in the center of the photo and three more are scattered around.

For this latest update, Facebook used Instagram images and hashtags to map content, further highlighting the potential of the data collection process.

Source: Facebook